How to make a garden shredder with your hands

After spring pruning, many gardeners are faced with the problem of disposing of old branches. If you are saving the host, accustomed to all the waste put to use, it is likely that sending all the branches in the compost pile. There's all this stuff rots and in 3-4 years you will get great organic fertilizer — compost. All this, of course, wonderful, but too long. If you pre-grind branches and leaves on them, the compost will Mature during the season and for a couple of months. And then you can come garden shredder – a device that turns the source material into chips or flour. The devices that exist in the sale are not cheap, so we offer you to familiarize with the instruction, allowing to make garden shredder with his hands.


The materials that we needWe won't convince you that homemade shredder will be absolutely free. Of course, it will go some of the details that will cost money. However, the average self-made unit will cost you 2 times cheaper than the ready-made chopper promoted brand. Judge for yourself, for your chopper you will need:

  • Circular saw blades – 15-25 pieces
  • Motor – petrol or electric
  • Pin (rod) M20, it washers and nuts
  • Pulley (e.g. alternator VAZ) and dense belt
  • Bearings
  • Metal tube for frame
  • Sheet metal for the hopper
  • Washer, plastic, 14 to 24 pieces
Garden shredder – define the most important parts of the unitthe Crushing of the material into the garden shredder is done with the help of knives. In the finished models, most often the knife is a metal plate with 2-3 cutting surfaces. A large volume of work quickly leads teeth into disrepair and they have to periodically undermine – agree that it is not too convenient and takes up your time. If you decided to make a garden shredder with your hands, you can not repeat these structural faults, but also to collect reliable, high-performance and, most importantly, durable knife.

We proposed to use saws with carbide tips. Need more than one disk and some to gain from the package. In the finished garden shredders knife typically has a thickness of 3 cm, we can gain a package of any thickness – it will depend on the number of acquired drink. On average, for a quality knife thickness 6-10cm will need 15-25 pieces. Each disk has a plurality of teeth, originally designed to cut solid wood. Therefore, herbal stems, leaves and branches for them to be anyway, that seeds. In extreme cases, if the teeth on the saw becomes blunt, nothing will prevent you to go to the nearest hardware store and purchase a replacement.


Circular saws can be used as knife grinder

However, a knife isn't everything. In order to set it in motion we will need an engine. For rapid shredding of branches in small volumes easier to use the motor. Using it may seem a bit inconvenient because of the cable and need to connect to the socket, but it works almost silently and does not emit exhaust gases. The tillers has a greater capacity, so is ideal for those occasions when you want to crush coarse material often and long.

Step by step instructions and the nuances of1. Saw typed on the axle, the diameter of which is determined by the diameter of the discs (20mm). For this fit stud with thread M20. Accordingly, they will need washers and nuts of the same diameter.


Saw typed on the axis of the future chopper

If we install the drives on a hairpin close to each other, the knife will not work. And here's why: the width of the saw teeth is greater than the width of the disk, so when rotating, the teeth will cling to each other. To avoid this, dilute the drives for a short distance. Make it simple with homemade washers, which you can cut from thin plastic. Their number should be on 1 piece less than the number of saws.

2. Axle-pin is put on a pulley from the generator VAZ or from the pump). For the rotation axis used two intermediate shaft bearing vases with an internal diameter of 20mm.

3. Of profiled metal tubes welded frame, which is attached to the rod tillers. The engine is mounted on the frame so was able to move it relative to the saws. It is necessary to change, if necessary, the belt tension of the drive.


Attached to the frame axis circular saws

4. For convenience of operation the frame is secured resistant the bar is made of metal profile, which will abut the branches and stems during crushing.

5. On the deck must wear a metal casing, which is welded sheet metal or cut from galvanized steel. For reliability it is better to use the first option.


Cover better perform of iron is more reliable!

6. There is another bunker with a bell to download to be grinding material. To this part, no special requirements, so often it is made from flexible galvanized steel.


A hopper is easy to make from galvanized steel

The advantages of homemade optionunlike the factory models, homemade chopper does not require too careful attitude. He will become a universal helper in the household and will not only grind twigs and other household waste, but also to crush the fruit (apples, pears, plums), and together with the bones. This is very useful when you want to make jam, puree or wine, but when the fruits are crushed to a paste.



Garden shredder in action

Circular saw blades forming the knife Assembly, capable of handling fairly large chunks of wood. Of course, we are not talking about the logs, but branches with a diameter of 10cm would be quite "tough". This homemade chopper favorably with the products of the factory, the body of which simply do not miss a large part of the material. Accordingly, you will greatly save your time because you do not have to sort the branches by size and to think, what to do with the too large fragments. Also don't need to monitor the moisture content of the material, while the bought chopper requires adjustment of the degree of moisture of the feedstock. The fact that most modern ready-made shredders, the motor is located at the bottom of the structure, therefore, the processing of wet stalks moisture inevitably gets into the engine, and it will lead to breakage. In a makeshift product you are free to decide where to set the engine in the above-described embodiment, it is positioned horizontally, level with the knives.

You should pay attention to the savings when you use homemade chopper. First, the manufacturer initially will be cheaper than buying a factory device, and second, the "homemade" will not need to purchase expensive parts in case of breakage – all of its elements are not expensive.


Homemade garden shredder is able to crush even large branches, turning them into chips

In addition, homemade garden shredder features high performance. All waste loaded into the hopper, will be delayed circular saws and disappear with incredible speed. Thus, the self-made device can provide is not worse than the expensive and modern garden tools. In short, if a grinder is very necessary, but money to buy it no one way out is to do it yourself!

Video example of use of this unit



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