Andrew Joyce brothers here: How the future will change communication

Therapist Andrew Joyce brothers here was Phil, and then CEO of "red square" — the largest producer of content for the First channel, and now built in St. Petersburg intellectual cluster "mind Games". In an interview, he explained why the processes of human thinking in the near future can change.

Andrew, you are not annoying, still remember you as the doctor from the TV?

— No. I set myself the task of popularizing psychotherapy, and appeared on TV for nothing. By this time, I created the concept of a systematic behavioral psychotherapy, I had published a monograph on the methodology of science.


These monographs you have not turned in the thesis...

— I have great respect for those who take such things seriously, but for me it's just a social game. You know, it's like the theatre: sometimes teachers give for years of service, and the audience of this artist does not know and does not want to know. All played in the formalities, as a result, some call themselves hipsters, others with PhDs. But, as yourself or call professionals — people who are able to produce something — a very little. Tell that Sergei Prokofiev came to the meeting of the Union of Soviet composers, deliberately obveshivaya themselves medals of laureate of the Stalin prize, he was six — and when the clouds thickened, he just poked a finger at them. The discussion then faded.


You're a career officer. What gave you the army?

— I'm from a military family, a military doctor, war in the fourth generation. I could not be another biography. At the age of 14, I entered the naval school. Then in the Military medical Academy in nautical Department. Would continue, if not was the reserve for health reasons. It was another army, another in the principle of culture. For example, a platoon commander in the naval school I was Alexander Dolgov, founder of the legendary magazine "Rock Fuzz". Remember how I pasted the layout of the first issue — then another newspaper. The first room Fuzza" clandestinely printed in the printing house of the newspaper "Soviet sailor" of the Leningrad naval base and was dedicated to Led Zeppelin. Here such at me was the commander. When I was in the Academy, was the first Chechen war, and we took the wounded, doing their psychological rehabilitation.


Never had the feeling that in 1990–e years the government and society you, the people in uniform, actually betrayed?

— Hindsight is always wrong, to lean on him is just wrong. Then the situation must be taken on the basis of the circumstances that then prevailed. In the late 1980s, our commanders have been removed from the mailbox threatening letters. In the naval school one day, broke the glass, the officers closed the pupils indoors and out to protect us kids.

When we were leaving Red square after the parade on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the great October socialist revolution took place just across the famous anti-Soviet rally that scared Gorbachev and the Politburo. The crowd is hardly restrained by the police. Combined battalion Suvorov and Nakhimov schools left Red square under the command of "Run!" and the cries of the crowd: "the Sailor, beat the Communists!" Of course, it was a weird time. None of the politically active citizens do not understand what to do.

During the August coup, I went AWOL right in uniform, I had already enrolled in the Academy. In the night from 19 to 20 August at the Mariinsky Palace some monarchists with a black-and–yellow flags popped in my hand a bottle with an incendiary mix. And I told them: "You don't understand. If you come here tanks, with their crews will have to talk!" But when political turmoil starts, everyone turns off the brain, all think that they will now occupy a position and be right. It is nonsense. When there is a collapse in the state, it is necessary to engage government, not my position to defend.


Their political position can be formulated?

— I don't have a position. I'm a scientist.


But you can say the same thing: liberal or conservative?

— I think this is all invented by the same man that invented the game with scientific degrees. I really don't understand all of this.


You support Putin's policy?

— I find it strange to talk about it. Why are you interested?


The only book in this office, whose author is not you, is a biography of Vladimir Putin, published in Italy, if I'm not mistaken.

— I am just in a state of moving and I have a lot of books. In another closet I have are books signed by Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, Narusova, eltsinoy. So what? I have not a political position, and interested research look. I'm interested in how people behave in different circumstances, what they do and what makes them tick. Our behavior is actually determined by circumstances, not beliefs. So strange concept that there are liberal and illiberal, is nothing more than a verbal wreaths worn on the heads. Someone a wreath of buttercups, someone of red poppies, but the head is the same.


But there are also fundamental philosophical differences. One says that the means of production should belong to the state, another considers only individuals.

— What a person says does not matter, it is important what he will do when I get the means of production, how to lead the rest of the lyrics is nonsense. Our actions are not determined by the ideas, circumstances and situations. The famous thesis of the French student protest movement of 1968 "Structures do not take to the streets".


Someone of senior politicians or officials of a category And come to you for a psychological consultation?

— What do you want me to answer?


Yes or no.

— If you ask me as a doctor, of course, I won't tell you anything at all. What is this idle curiosity?


This desire to understand how I think and behave people taking the most important decisions in the country where I live.

— If you want to ask me, " are you suffering famous people with mental disorders, I will answer: Yes, of course, like many other people, unknown to you. One major us politician claimed to be President of the country, participated in the presidential race, but starred detractors unearthed that he once suffered depression. Having pulled out of the election, he made a statement, which I'm sure has saved thousands of lives. He said, "Yes, I had depression and I took antidepressants. With each of us this might happen. When you feel bad go to the doctor and heal, there is nothing to be ashamed of". And I think that it would make not the worst President of the United States.


Why did you leave television?

— I had a clear understanding of what I want to achieve. I wanted to show that the therapist nothing wrong and no shame. Psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists are not vampires, they are able to support, to help. I did and went off the air. I don't like publicity. I don't like it when people recognize me. It's a waste of time.

After retiring from the air and you were on TV as a Manager, leading the largest producer of content for the First channel — the company "Red square".

It was an interesting and challenging project: producing, talent management. The talents are in fact very different. The talent of the artist, the artist and the mathematician — it's all different talents. I don't treat it with any special reverence. It's just a trained ability. But me as a researcher interested groups on the fringes of the norm.

I'm not saying that talent is pathological. Just the norm, as you know, is something that is inherent in most. In this regard, the work on TV, of course, was for me a very productive and useful. I had big projects with a large number of employees, with thousands of people, it was very interesting.

With the shareholder of "red square" we "on the beach" done, what results you want to achieve and when they were achieved, I left the company.


In the role of Manager and entrepreneur you feel comfortable?

— I love to organize complex systems. I like the management as a complex intellectual activity. The Manager has to deal with psychology. You need to build the system of relations within the team, between the production groups to offset the flaws that each one of us.

Business is something that needs constantly to develop other social games which we play, of such constant changes in not required. I have this sort of family situation — well and good. I have a certain scientific field, I have been doing them for decades.

A company must live and constantly changing, sometimes radically. You can't achieve some result and say, well, here we are, end of story. Because all the time there are new circumstances — crisis, the trend changes, new technologies, the dynamics of the margins. This is one of the most challenging and exciting human games.


What is common in the work of the Manager and doctor?

— The doctor what you need? That was the result — as a Manager. You need to fold the design so that everything worked. We know that the patient needs to heal and go on foot out of the hospital room. Doctors are the closest to reality people. In this respect, management and medicine alike. It seems to me that existing management theory is just a blotch on the actual processes. They really do not reflect reality and are unable to effectively teach. There are talented businessmen whose life is trying to turn into a theory or doctrine. This is a mistake.


You say that you don't do psychological counseling for individuals, but at the same time help entrepreneurs to debug business processes.

— Turn to me, those who knows me well. I'm not some kind of Advisory Bureau. My friends know that I have to ask, I know what to tell them.


You've discovered the intellectual cluster "mind Games". In business processes?

— Intelligent cluster cannot be called business in the strict sense of the word. I wanted to invest in place of work for yourself. And to my friends and colleagues who are doing important and interesting work, also had a platform to work with. Most importantly, what I do, is the creation of the scientific school of the methodology of thinking. It does not bring profits. The business units that you created when you cluster — hotel, printing, art space — must somehow offset the costs of scientific and educational activities...

The human brain is only 2% of body weight, but devours 20% of the energy consumed. High school methodology is a brain, which works quite rapidly and consumes a lot of money and effort. In General, we are working to create smart spaces for interesting people.


Why do you not love publicity, writing a column for "Snob"?

— It gives me the opportunity to tell a wider audience about what I really care about. We are in hyperinformation environment, which leads to a change in the functioning of our thinking. And we are not aware of the risks involved. 20 years ago we were in another reality. The information was taken in our lives one of the places, if I may say so. Now the information is all her space. We have become passive consumers of information. We may think that we all comprehend, think through, but it's not.

The brain follows its own laws: if he has no opportunity to properly archive new knowledge, if this information is not included them in the existing "preset" generated schema, it will not be — only an empty ring. It seems to us that the information settles in your brain, but in this case it settles the dust and does not become a structural element of thinking.

We used the information searched, and the search itself was difficult intellectual work, he suggested the creation of mental models, coaching understanding. The brain carries out the differentiation: it is suitable, it is not very etc. Again, we do not understand how serious a thing happening in culture change.

I don't like futurology and don't want to make catastrophic predictions, but it is obvious that changes in environmental factors will necessarily lead to a change in the behavior of the brain to change thinking. And thinking is the only thing that distinguishes us from the rest of the animal world.

The second question that interests me: are we really still do not know what the thinking. It all comes down to definitions like "it's something that happens when you stop and think". But thinking, intelligent function is our key capital.

The farther away, the less important is the workforce, financial tools, market confidence and so on. Now the main question — in ability to adequately see reality, understand it, and are actions that may or may not do our thinking. We still don't know what it is, how it works. This is a huge problem.


Why do you not allow Wikipedia to make a page about you?

— Specially I do not forbid, but I know that there were several articles about me, and I was surprised to find that they have some fantastic stuff. This worked for my mates, they wrote to the editors of the Wiki... What is that? Who writes it?

We are interested in "Wikipedia" on issues about which I have no idea. But if you read about something good, then you will understand how terrible there material. Amateurs can not replace science, it's a disaster. And to verify the knowledge on the links "to the sources" the Internet is just ridiculous.

I understand that this process can not be stopped. Therefore, we need to be ready for it. Education must be constructed differently. It should focus on to create student an effective mechanism of thinking: how to handle information, how to look for the facts, to correctly evaluate findings to make decisions.

We must learn to live in aggressive, destructive our thinking.

Accordingly, the challenge is to form a community of people who all care. It is difficult to organize people: no one believes in nothing, and there have been no long-term goals, the vision of the future we have.

When I studied, a clear understanding of two things: a) when I'm in a military unit, have to deliver a baby, conduct appendectomy, remove from the loop the sailor. And b) how I learn depends on where I go: if my learn —go to a distant garrison, well maybe not that far, and be able to quickly return to the Department in the graduate school. And what is now the student to get an education?

It is therefore important that any such clusters, where people are similar minded, would find each other. "Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor: for if they fall, the one will lift up his companion, as it is written in an old book.

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Why you watch soap operas?

Is the only thing that can hold my attention when I am exhausted intellectually and I need to take a break. For me it's just a way not to think, if you want.

TV shows I watch, I think, very good. And what I know how to do it — how to construct a scenic arch, how to be a hero and antagonist — doesn't bother me. On the contrary, I love this mechanic. So the critic looks at a painting, I guess. I believe that a good series is a new type of novel that recounts is not just the discourses that exist in the cultural space, and the fact that behind them is hidden, that is, in a sense, a socio–physiological basis of these discourses. In this case series it is best to "speak the time".


A good show is what?

— First of all, one where the viewer identificeret yourself with the main character.


I don't know a single person who wants to throw like Frank underwood from "house of cards", trusting young lady under the wheels of the train.

— At this particular moment you can close your eyes and say, well, it's a movie! And then enjoy how the hero of Kevin spacey was duped fools and did it so gracefully. I think the audience will look at unpleasant to her? published


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