Training makes sense if You are interested

"The training will make sense if You are interested" — Richard Saul Wurman, the founder of the information architecture.

This quote adds a very interesting twist to the idea, propounded by Plato, Socrates and Zeno, namely, that "we can know only those things that we previously knew."

From the above definitions, we can conclude that everything connected with training connected with self-knowledge. Also learning is impossible without attention, and attention is impossible without personal interest. Try to remember all the items where you were bored and hated the teacher who is talking and just answer the question: "What do You remember from what You taught?"

So first comes the interest, and then training that allows to better know the object of Your interest. Thus, learning, in fact, is a process of self-discovery, and it is only possible if the learning process is fueled by personal interest.

So, learning equals knowledge. And this process is being run in different parts of our brain, but it all starts with the hippocampus. The hippocampus is like the RAM of the human brain, as a watch tower to absorb all the new information on any subject, and decide what to pass on and what not to put in ROM.

Further, it is useful for us, according to the hippocampus, cognition, begin to form neural connections. In General, these connections are achieved and enhanced through "repetition" and "fixation" of information. So sometimes in academia you can hear that someone is in the early "learning curve". This curve is the exponent that goes up starting from scratch, which skills to increase based on the learning process.

The learning process is a very complex process. The canopy on his site people can develop their knowledge, skills relatively evenly, but there is a point beyond which no personal interest to go not even worth it. Further complications trained and personally interested people can handle.

The speed at which one learns can be called "speed of cognition". Thus, learning or knowledge is nothing but "a significant change in what is happening inside the human brain that can continue to progress indefinitely, if a person considers it personally important for themselves."


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And at this moment, there are questions to the current system of education and upbringing. Education and modern society dull hippocampus, which just becomes interesting to teach and learn when there are so many cool external "fast" stimuli.published


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