Proven ways to use sawdust in the country

About the benefits and dangers of sawdust on the dacha gardeners argue for a long time. Someone is strongly opposed to their use, and someone regularly pours in the garden a thick layer, and claims it improves soil structure and fertilizes it.

Who is right? We will understand!

But first, let's talk about the properties of wood sawdust.

Properties and not very useful

1. Sawdust makes the soil looser

They help her to breathe, prevent the occurrence of crust on the surface of the earth, so to loosen the planting need not so often.

2. Sawdust absorb and retain moisture

For plants it is, of course, only a plus.

3. Through the layer of sawdust did not break through the weeds

Controversial fact... But this is partly true. Anyway, will make sure not all.

4. Sawdust fertilize the soil

But this is true only if they are good rotting during, and if they are introduced into the soil properly.

5. Sawdust acidified soil

And this is a minus. Some gardeners have had a negative experience and say that even fertilizer does not help — in the garden almost nothing grows. We'll talk about this.

6. Sawdust taken from the soil nitrogen

They "steal" it from plants, and is also a minus. However, any disadvantage can be turned into a plus if you know how to do it.


Problems and solutions


So, problem No. 1 — acidification of the soil. If you mulch with sawdust, blueberries, conifers or rhododendrons, then there is no problem at all — they love the "tart". For most other plants acidification is fatal.

Solution: If you remember from chemistry, alkali and acid neutralize each other reacts. Remember how long ago you put down the soda vinegar when cooking the dough? The same can be done in the garden. Only instead of soda you need to use:

  • ash (peat or wood);
  • ordinary lime or lime special-deoxidizer (commercially available);
  • dolomite powder;
  • fertilizers (potassium chloride, potassium sulphate or ammonium, calcium or sodium nitrate, superphosphate);
  • crushed chalk.
In General, alkali with sawdust to make sure. The main thing — to observe the dose and rules. So, lime and dolomite flour in the soil need to make fertilizer fortified with boron and manganese.

To know the acidity of your soil, use special tests with litmus paper. They are also sold in garden stores and are easy to use (knowledge of chemistry is not needed).

Issue # 2 — "pulling" of nitrogen. And with a shortage of nitrogen, as we know, plants do not develop.

The solution: urea (calcium nitrate). This is necessary to use water to dissolve the fertilizer, and sawdust soaked them.

We now proceed directly to methods of using sawdust in the country.

The scope of application of sawdust on the dacha

1. Sawdust — mulch material

Problems of any mulch material:

  • to retain water in the soil;
  • to reduce the number of weeds;
  • prevent erosion erosion of soil;
  • to prevent overheating of the soil in summer and freezing in winter;
  • keep the soil loose;
  • to prevent the formation of crusts on the soil surface;
  • to protect plants from pathogens present in the soil and falling on the leaves during irrigation;
  • to stimulate the formation of adventitious roots.
To become sawdust a good mulch, they need to prepare.

Here's one way:

  • Lay on the ground plastic film and pour her a bucket of sawdust. Distribute them.
  • Sprinkle 200 g of urea.
  • Pour 10 liters of water.
  • Top cover with polythene, press down stones and leave for 2 weeks.
Once the sawdust is "ripe", they sprinkle the earth with a layer of 3-5 cm, mixing with the ash. And can be mixed with alkali in the first stage. Will notice right away that rotted sawdust to cook is optional, but fresh in any case, you need to pomarinovat".

I especially love this mulch gardeners who grow strawberries — the berries are always clean and not podgniet in contact with the soil. At the end of the season perekapyvayut sawdust with the ground.

2. Sawdust + manure = good fertilizer

Manure — not a cheap pleasure. Profusely to fertilize the whole plot, mix the manure with sawdust and give them a good pereplet. The worms will do the job, and sawdust faster will be safe for your vegetable garden.

The ratio of the following: 1 cubic meter of sawdust required 100 kg of manure (preferably cow's milk) and 10 kg of poultry droppings. This mixture marinate for a year. Periodically, the compost pile needs to shed water, "flavor" hay, grass, leaves and waste from the kitchen. The top pile is better to cover to rains washed out the useful elements. Instead of manure, you can use one of urea, a solution of mullein or bird droppings.

Before placing the compost pile don't forget to be moistened sawdust with water. Suitable as a slurry or liquid waste from the kitchen. In addition, it is useful in the compost heap is the common ground, at the rate of 2-3 buckets per cubic meter of sawdust is needed to faster the worms took over.

3. Sawdust for paths

First, it looks nice and neat. On such tracks it is possible even in late autumn to go without risking to stain your shoes with mud.

Secondly, on such paths growing less grass. Sawdust pressed and prevent the growth of weeds.

And,thirdly, sawdust sprinkled on the aisle, protect the edges of the beds from drying out. Don't forget that fresh sawdust in any case, you need to prepare.

4. Saw dust for garden beds

If your site is in the lowlands with sawdust can raise the level of the beds. To do this, dig a trench depth of 25 cm, Astelite it with straw or hay and cover it with sawdust (of course, with urea and alkali). The excavated soil is the fertile upper layer is put on top, thus raising the level of the beds. Immediately put sawdust between the beds. When they decompose, they can fertilize the planting.

5. Sawdust for germination of seeds

Sawdust easily replace the ground, but only for the period until the seed has nutrients. If the plant is not time to transplant into the ground, it will die.

To germinate seeds in the sawdust, you need to do this:

  • Fall asleep in a container of sawdust with a thin layer and spread on the seeds.
  • Cover the seeds with another layer of sawdust, a little. You can not sprinkle, but will need to frequently check the humidity. So it is better to sprinkle.
  • A container cover with plastic and put in a warm place (+25...+30 degrees) When the seedlings of the container must be removed to a cooler place, remove the polyethylene and sawdust sprinkle on top of the soil.
  • As soon as the seedlings appear the first true leaf, plant them in the ground, in a separate container.
So you can sprout virtually any seed.

6. Sawdust and early harvest of potatoes

Want to eat young potatoes before all the neighbors? Use sawdust!

What to do:

  • Proustite tubers of early varieties in the light.
  • Dampen sawdust with water and pour them into the box with a layer of 10 cm.
  • Put potatoes with the shoots facing up, sprinkle them with another layer of sawdust (2-3 cm).
  • Keep the humidity of sawdust. When the length of sprouts will reach 6-8 cm, planted potatoes in the hole and completely covered with earth. On top you need to lay straw or hay, for the first time to cover the film (if still cold).
This method of preparation for planting allows you to harvest several weeks earlier than usual.

7. Sawdust and insulation plants

The most reliable way is to fill with sawdust packs and put them around the plants. In this case, the sawdust does not get wet during inclement weather, do not freeze, do not become the habitat of the mice. However, there is a more reliable way. So, the vine is often insulated in the following manner: knock together from boards in the frame (like a box without a bottom), put it on a plant that is filled up with sawdust and covered with polyethylene. On top and a layer of earth thrown. With such protection, the plant is not afraid of any frosts.

To insulate the plants with sawdust to gently. If sawdust just to fill, they will get wet, and then turns into ice com. Besides, as has been said, they can "play" the mice and other rodents. Therefore it is better to use a dry method of insulating sawdust, necessarily covering them up with plastic and something not available for mouse teeth.

8. Sawdust in agriculture

What else can you do with sawdust in the country?

Here are some possible fields of application:

Insulating the ceiling

Of course, now there are more modern and safe materials, e.g., cellulose wool, but can the old fashioned way to use sawdust. But if they are mixed with clay and applied to the floor of the attic, you will not only insulate the ceiling, but also take care of fire safety.


Space heating

There are even boilers, which operate on compressed sawdust.

Plaster for walls

Previously, only those plastered: mix clay with sawdust — that is the plaster. Instead of clay you can use cement. Method suitable, for example, to zashtukaturivat garden shed or gazebo.

Sawdust in the children's creativity

Children actually love them no less than the sand! Did you know that sawdust can even make color of an application? To do this, they need to color in the solution, gouache and dry in the sun. Then paint the cardboard any contour on the top of stationery glue and pour on it of colored sawdust, creating an application.

Storing vegetables in the cellar

As you know, sawdust is good at absorbing water. So feel free to use them if the cellar is too damp: excess moisture will absorb the sawdust and fruits and vegetables will not rot.

Firing pottery

If you enjoy modeling, you should know: a beautiful glaze on the products you receive when re-firing using sawdust, the combustion of which the appliance heats up quickly and cools.

Sawdust as printed material

Make toys, decorative pillows, or dolls? Fill them with sawdust. By the way, now is the time to make Scarecrow in the garden to a new gardening season.

Pouches, sachets

Of juniper sawdust can make the flavor to the Cabinet. Put them in the rag bag and hang it in the closet.

Bedding for animals

In this case, sawdust play 2 roles: insulation for the floor, and hygiene products (absorb manure, waste). However, not any worth using. Of course, it is best sawdust fruit trees — they have less tar. Pine is possible, but it should first be well dried. But from walnut sawdust in horses can even happen inflammation of the hooves.

Sawdust when Smoking

They smolder slowly, give a lot of smoke, and this is what you need when Smoking.

Sawdust ice

Sprinkle them icy track. Safe and eco-friendly! published


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