This drink rejuvenates the skin and has a positive impact on the reproductive system

There are many ways to maintain youth and beauty. Home remedies are no worse than makeup, sometimes even better and more efficiently. Besides, consist of natural components and of course safe for the skin.

Rejuvenate the body by using various drinks made from natural ingredients.

A rejuvenating balm garlic and wine, which promotes rejuvenation of the skin, a positive effect on the reproductive system and the female reproductive function.

For its preparation should:

12 cloves of garlic cut into quarters, put in a jar and pour about half a litre of wine. Close the jar and let it stay by the window or anywhere in a bright place for two weeks. Shake the jar several times a day.After two weeks, strain the contents of the jar and pour the drink into a glass container. Take one teaspoon of the drink three times a day for a month.



Wine with sage and lavender, is also the prevention in the fight against approaching old age. To prepare it, you need to take a dry red wine one litre and pour a twenty-gram leaves of dried sage and lavender and put it in a dark, cool place. Within two weeks you need to shake the infusion and then drain. To drink this wine needs half an hour before eating 50 grams twice a day.

A great way to rejuvenate the body can become a tea from the leaves of rosehip, raspberry and strawberry. Tea improves the body's hormone production of estrogen, a beneficial effect on the appearance of the woman. Improves blood flow, collagen production and the skin does not dry so quickly.

Thanks to these simple tips and methods of rejuvenation, you'll be able to look younger longer.

Rejuvenates the body odor of Valerian

Yes, it turns out she can do this! You can rejuvenate the body using the odor of Valerian, and needs her infusion.

This is best done just before bedtime. Generally, aromatherapy is most useful just before going to bed.


As for the dosage, everything individualno.

Used: a few times breathe Valerian tincture one nostril, then the other. The first few days, breathing shallowly. If in the morning you feel a light headache, so, too much you breathe.



In the first month of applying Valerian you will notice that even severely weakened the body stronger. And after 3 months you will notice that the dream has become stronger, blood pressure is normal, heart pain stopped, and the hair was darker and stronger. published


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