This decoction will cause the pressure to normal

High blood pressure is a problem that is familiar to many. It causes a lot of discomfort and is very dangerous for human health. But traditional medicine knows one simple and quite effective method that will help you bring your blood pressure back to normal for at least a couple of years!

Not only will you be able to abandon expensive medications, but will spend mere pennies for preparation of this decoction.


  • 5 tbsp. needles of pine;
  • 2 tbsp of rose hips;
  • 2 tablespoons of onion peel.
How to prepare:
Pour all the ingredients a liter of cold water, bring to boil and boil on low heat under a lid for 10 minutes. Then let it brew broth and strain it.

Drink the broth for 2 days. The treatment course is 4 months. Improvement can occur in 5 days — go headaches, and a month later you can try to gradually abolish the antihypertensive drugs.

This solution has also immunoliposome properties and is a preventive remedy against influenza.

Possesses good diuretic effect. Help for painful bleeding gums.

Use this advice, if you are familiar with the problem of high blood pressure, and you will notice an improvement of health.published


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