What to do when "all annoying"

Today let's talk about the routine. The daily irritation, which can greatly decrease or leave us after osteopathic treatment.

Something to think about and articulate their thoughts on this are frequent stories of parents of my young patients that the children very quickly on the background of treatment the osteopath become calmer, nicer.

The last straw was the story of one of my patients on re-admission that has to feel myself much better — previously, annoyed, and infuriated all, now only half of the subordinates.

What is the reason for this unreasonable irritation? That is unfounded, since subordinates remain the same, and the osteopath changed only the person who experienced the feeling of irritation towards others. To talk about the spiritual component, we will not. Only a medical aspect.

So, the most common causes, in my opinion:

  • chronic stress, emotional imbalance, chronic fatigue,

  • predvoleny, somatic disease

  • chemical component of intoxication, including post-vaccination, hormonal changes,

  • postural imbalance (violation of position in space, causing overexertion of certain muscle groups),

  • chronic pain,

Examples and reasons you can list many. But, shared is the fact that almost all of these reasons change we make in everyday life to spend a lot of effort to compensate for, seemingly imperceptible changes in the body.

Hardly cheerful person at the moment will be a Moody grumpy from the fact that sprained foot. But after a few months, when the brain formed a chronic source of irritation from constantly receives impulses from stretched ankle ligaments, our "darling" easily turn into a misanthrope.

Of course this is very simplistic, but we are always trying to simplify and thematisiert processes so that they become more understandable.

Chronic stress will cause in its third phase (phase depletion) reducing all protective and compensatory forces of the body.

A similar situation will occur in the presence of any chronic disease (even in the initial, preclinical stages, in the phase of preexisting) when the body will spend energy to fight with her.



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Chemical component even in folklore noted:

Sitting man with a wicked hangover in the kitchen. Wife prepares Breakfast.
Suddenly the man kicks the cat. Wife:
— Are you crazy?
— All cats as cats, and this is toooop!!! toooop!!!

The task of the osteopath if the complaint to "irritability" or that "all the hate" — the search of health, an increase in the compensatory reserves of the organism, decrease pain and postural stimuli, chemical component (including through improved functioning of internal organs involved in detoxification).published


Author: Vadim Smirnov



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