Share charging for electric vehicles: service Elbnb in Sweden

Renault has launched in Sweden Elbnb service, which allows anyone to provide your own home charging station for electric vehicles in the use of unfamiliar motorists.

The platform works in the following way. On a special web site you can view a map with the location of available charging units provided by private traders. Further, the electric vehicle owner must contact the owner of this charging point and to negotiate the terms of its use — the time and cost. If the parties are satisfied, the motorist can get to the selected item and restore energy.


It is assumed that the service Elbnb will significantly increase the number of points charging of electric vehicles in Sweden, and therefore will promote growth of popularity of such vehicles. And this, in turn, will improve the environment by reducing the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.


It is estimated that in 2015-m sold approximately 462 thousand electric cars of various types. This is 60% more compared to 2014. In 2040, according to forecasts, sales of electric cars reached 41 million units, exceeding the result of 2015 approx 90 times. Market participants believe contribute to the spread of vehicles with electric propulsion systems will be largely lower prices for batteries. published


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