Flat-transformer: everything you need 36 square meters

Design Studio MKCA no wonder called the project Manhattan apartment "5 in 1" – thanks to a specially designed bulkhead with remote control this functional apartment combines living room, bedroom, dining room, cloakroom and study. One movement – and the zones follow each other.

Having carefully studied the problems of the small housing, Studio MKCA came to a sudden decision and created a motorized movable wall capable of transforming the space in a matter of seconds.

Unusual space solution for small apartment

The wall helps to distinguish between day and night zone, and opens a dressing room with fitted drawers and wardrobes.

For awake time the design moves to the far wall and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a full living room.

Also, the wall can be set in the middle, the living space will decrease, instead, get cozy area for watching movies.

Also, the living area includes a comfortable work area. The Cabinet is thought over to trifles – there is everything necessary for productive work process. In addition, the working area can be closed with a sliding system.

If you completely push the wall, then there is a huge space for a rollaway bed, allowing to solve the problem a comfortable full bed in a small apartment.

Another sliding wall conceals interesting details: for example, TV is rotated and allows a moment to unfold it in the living room and the bedroom, and into the wall mounted shelves for storage of various things.

The kitchen is functional and bright: the abundance of white makes up for the lack of Windows, and the thoughtful design of the working kitchen area makes up for the lack of square meters.

Dining area is located in the brightest part near the only window. Round glass top makes the table design is virtually weightless, but complement it two neat uncluttered chair.

White color scheme dominates in all areas of the apartment, its variety of shades of dark colors and warm texture of the wood, not allowing the interior to be monotonous and boring.published


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