Flat-transformer: everything you need 36 square meters

Design Studio MKCA no wonder called the project Manhattan apartment "5 in 1" – thanks to a specially designed bulkhead with remote control this functional apartment combines living room, bedroom, dining room, cloakroom and study. One movement – and the zones follow each other.

Having carefully studied the problems of the small housing, Studio MKCA came to a sudden decision and created a motorized movable wall capable of transforming the space in a matter of seconds.

Unusual space solution for small apartment

The wall helps to distinguish between day and night zone, and opens a dressing room with fitted drawers and wardrobes.

For awake time the design moves to the far wall and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a full living room.

Also, the wall can be set in the middle, the living space will decrease, instead, get cozy area for watching movies.

Also, the living area includes a comfortable work area. The Cabinet is thought over to trifles – there is everything necessary for productive work process. In addition, the working area can be closed with a sliding system.


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