Life in another country: There are things that are hard to get used to

Among my clients a lot of women who inadvertantly or deliberately moved to another country, and now their new home here.

Austria, Australia, great Britain, Greece, Canada, Switzerland, Thailand, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Netherlands (Let me know who I forgot!).

Someone who lives for a long time, exchanging not the first dozen years in the new country, and someone else only ochuhivaetsya the move, accustomed to the climate, the laws, trying to understand, to settle in a foreign culture and mentality.

There are things that are hard to get used to, even after many years, and the longer I live, the harder it is to tolerate.

"There is no change of seasons. Always the same time. I can't get used to it. I miss Golden autumn, by disturbing the spring..." this is Thailand.

"You won't believe, but yesterday here it was minus two, and at us in Crimea at this time, the strawberries at all!" – Canada.

As in Russia (and in Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) women come in with requests:

  • of finding your purpose, permit themselves to change something in your life;
  • finding a new job, and energy to look for her;
  • relations with colleagues and superiors;
  • relations with her husband and children.

The theme of relations with her husband's family, his parents and especially mother is the most acute. Difficult question of the adoption / acceptance in a new family sounds not only from those who are just starting to build relationships, but also those who live in marriage already more than ten years.

Conflicts with the husband's relatives, the inability to become a full part of his family, while maintaining their degree of autonomy, as a small "cell of society" is what women say most often.

And about loneliness, about longing for home, my old home and parents, that this is not so easy to make friends.

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When you're alone


This life is written with my blood...


That wherever you go, you take yourself with you. And someone else's mill does not extinguish the old problems, but rather exacerbates them, raises from the bottom, like a tidal wave.

That in the end I would like to start to live, just live, not only to work and earn, and to live the life to which for so long was.published


Author: Irina Dubova



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