How to keep your concentration: the 7 techniques

During the day a person's attention is distracted “our main enemies” — all sorts of digital gadgets. Before the onset of the digital era people were much easier to stay in the area of concentration, now it has to re-learn.

These seven techniques from the book Professor Lucy Jo Palladino “Maximum concentration” will allow to keep the focus on the truly important things.

1. Express attempts to do all things at once

Take for example the computer: if you simultaneously run multiple programs, the computer starts to “slow down”. Just as is the case with our attention — it can't cope with multitasking. This task is not easy even for a wunderkind, because people can keep full control over only one activity – a fact proven by science. If you want to do something really good, focus on this one case and not sufficient at this time for others. Alternatives do not exist.

Of course, life is full of unpredictable moments. Let's say you urgently need to make a phone call while driving. In this case it is better to slow down on the curb, or use the moment, until the red light of the traffic light. However, if you are heavily addicted, you will have to have a conversation amid the shrill sound of horns.

2. Learn to take control of your emotions

Emotional intelligence involves the ability to recognize dominant emotions and understand what to do with them, not to harm neither others nor himself. When the feelings above reason, it becomes impossible to keep the attention on the important things. A feeling of anxiety or guilt – a major enemy concentration, which does not allow us to reach the cherished goal.

Very wrong are those who believe that emotions are not managed. You can manage and need, but not directly, and through proper thinking, which allows to perceive events in a different way.

The main thing you need to do it yourself to develop your emotional intelligence, instead of relying on modern technology. When you will manage to keep the attention on the main things, negative emotions and feelings will completely disappear.

3. Explore the world inside yourself

If you can understand the feelings that are hidden inside you, then you already have an excellent basis for the development of emotional intelligence. To develop this skill is very difficult, because modern reality without stopping forcing us to be distracted from truly important events and Affairs. The man of the 21st century wants to feel the adrenaline and experience only positive emotions, away from responsibilities and losing relationships. Along with this we lose ourselves.

Check your own soul to get to the bottom of their emotional experiences. In this case it is very useful to look at itself other eyes.

4. Get to know the breath of the rectangle

A sufficient amount of oxygen in the lungs gives the opportunity to reach areas of concentration. To enrich your lungs with oxygen, we encourage you to use a special breathing technique on the rectangle: catch the gaze of any rectangular object and hold attention on its upper left corner. Then take a breath and the breath for four counts.

Do the same with the top right corner, then bottom corners as their priority. During the execution of this technique try best to calm down and convince yourself that all is well.

5. Ask yourself, what you are doing at the moment

Sometimes the loss of concentration occurs for the reason that we have some important things to not do in a given time. By answering the question of what you are doing, you will understand what kind of things are paramount and must be performed first.

6. Listen to "good" music

Often the reason for the lack of concentration is lack of sleep. In this case, to stimulate the brain help to "useful" musical tunes related to such genres as jazz, ethnic and classic. Quiet jazz and classical melodies help to overcome the effects of adrenaline, while music in the style of ethno allows you to cope with the excitement.

7. A pause of peace and quiet

The best music in the world recognized the silence, so take frequent micro breaks in complete peace and absolute silence, without the possibility of distractions. It helps to return to the area of concentration, is a natural reaction of the brain.

Hope you realize fully that it was not difficult to keep their attention on important matters and things, just enough every day to spend some time to perform simple techniques and restoring order in his own inner world.published



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