How to easily survive the heat

In the heat of our body is suffering from lack of moisture, so we feel tired and exhausted. To protect yourself from excessive exposure to heat the body produces more sweat.

As blood circulation is enhanced to ensure the operation of the sweat glands, providing oxygen for the functioning of other internal organs becomes less. This explains the decreased appetite in the hot season.

Also, due to the increased loss of moisture in the body, the quantity of urine decreases, and the probability of problems in the bowel can cause constipation.

The loss of water and salt by the body can cause a number of ailments, such as muscle cramps, lethargy, fatigue, headache, dizziness. If the temperature is above 40'C can happen sunstroke.


Some useful tips on how to resist heat


1. Try to avoid direct sunlight.

2. Do not wear tight, tight clothes. Clothing should prevail lightweight natural fabrics light shades. Not recommended synthetic, silk red and black colors, attracting the sun's rays.

3. Not recommended excessive surge of the body, both physical and psychological.

4. Useful walk in the evening, and a short afternoon break.

5. Important proper sleep at night.

6. It is useful to regularly take a cool shower or bath. Any contact with water is highly desirable during the heat.

7. Refreshing effect on the body can give such Ayurvedic remedies like ginger or olive oil, and sandalwood powder. Coconut oil has a cooling effect.

8. Recommended to drink as much liquid as possible. Along with water is very useful fruit and vegetable juices.

9. You should limit the intake of tea and coffee. And to eliminate alcohol for the entire hot season.

10. A few seeds of cardamom that are added to beverages to help improve fluid balance in the body.

11. Avoid fried, protein, spicy food. Eat more vegetable salads and fruits.


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12. Remember that the hottest time of the year most favorable for the spread of infectious diseases. Hygiene requirements should be increased at this time.published


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