45 frivolous rules of the Russian language, which should be taken very seriously

Below is a list of rules that it is desirable not only to know but also to apply in practice.

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1. Dash between subject and predicate is not assigned.

2. Remember that in most cases the conjunction "that" can be eliminated.

3. If you want to use a verb, you conjugate it the right way, and not as the author want.

4. Passive voice should generally be avoid.

5. Don't forget the letter "e", otherwise not to distinguish between case and case, the sky, the donkey and the donkey, perfect and perfect, everything.

6. Who is not crazy and not chase vyshol correctly writes the vowels after sipasa.

7. Lastnite poverkhnostnym sense of language when writing unpronounceable soglastny.

8. It is necessary to come to the understanding that is written only to "come."

9. Poobtershis in the corridors of offices, in the future we will be summarized and will come to that in our texts will participate more and smaller number of extra letters.

10. The soft sign in the uncertain form of a verb should be determined by the presence of it in the question to the verb that sometimes zabyvaetsya.

11. Do not put two "not" in a row if it's not necessary.

12. The word "no" no forms of change.

13. No half-litrovyi sex Russian will not understand how to write complex names-nouns.

14. Finish the sentence with the pronoun is bad style, not for it.

15. Those who finishes offer an excuse to send. Not rude sake, but in order to.

16. Not reduced.!

17. Check the text missing and extra words in the text.

18. As for unfinished sentences.

19. If an incomplete design is bad.

20. No narcissist Bank, its President and Chairman of the Board of Directors are capitalized.

21. The rule States that "indirect speech in quotation marks is not taken".

22. Do not build the mysteries of the dot at the end of an exhaustive suggestions...

23. One exclamation mark is enough!!!

24. NEVER! not allocate! words. The person reading the text SELECTIONS, feels that his own understanding of the meaning n e d o V e R I W t

25. Use parallel construction not only to clarify but also to clarify.

26. Prabirjit dictionary napisanie words.

27. Numbers up to 10 inclusive it is better to write in cursive.

28. To persuade numerals can be one hundred and twenty five ways, but only one is correct.

29. Use the words in the purpose, a true meeting of meaningfulness.

30. Will medelita is not divisible and do not connect different-mother, and something to write with a hyphen.

31. Inappropriate analogy in the text looks like a fur coat tucked into pants.

32. Exaggeration is a million times worse than understatement.

33. Do not use long words where you can apply neprodolzhitelnogo.

34. Baby talk — ugh, ugh. Leave it to lelechka, and uncles.

35. Be more or less specific.

36. As taught by Emerson: "do Not quote. Share your own thoughts".

37. Who needs rhetorical questions?

38. Word order of speech style does not change?

39. Accidentally encountered the verse will bring down the mood of your readers.

40. Verse where the rhyme in the verbs is built, the first in the trash asks.

41. Life usekey about your market: not weak want to act — to tie in nature with jargon.

42. Refinement in brackets (though significant) are (usually) unnecessary.

43. Again to repeat all duplicate cognates is a tautology — unnecessary overkill.

44. If you want to be understood correctly, don't use foreign language and barbarism. Capisce?

45. For the sake of presentationhost be creative promoter of native Russian synonyms at the top of the ranking of preferences.published 



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