Energy-saving tires. What it is and their advantages

Advantages of energy SAVING TYRESthe Main advantage of energy-saving tires, of course, in a smaller emission of polluting substances into the atmosphere, which is achieved the lower the rolling resistance.

If we consider, for example, it turns out: according to the environmental standards in modern car emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere should not exceed 120 grams per kilometer. These standards will tighten, and the minimum rate of harmful emissions will be 80 g/km Thanks to the use of fuel efficient tyres can reduce CO2 emissions by 4-5 g/km.

Motorists care little about environmentally friendly cars, for them it is more important to lower fuel consumption. Again, refer to the example: the claimed mileage energy saving tyre is 45 thousand kilometers. If you will be saving 200 grams of fuel per hundred kilometers, the result will save more than 3 000 rubles. Many will say is too little, but that's the price of a new tire.

In the end, with the purchase of four fuel efficient tyres, theoretically, get the fifth as a gift. Nice gift, considering the cost of fuel and set of tires.

Many motorists may think that for reducing fuel consumption and increasing sustainability is the reduction of coupling properties of tires. This is absolutely not true! Experts have tested the tires with energy-saving properties. In the course of the test were not identified deterioration of their properties and Vice versa these tires showed slightly better results compared to conventional.

The only drawback of energy-saving tires can be called a higher price compared to just tyres. The quality always have to pay more. After all, energy-saving tires are environmentally friendly and safe tires for modern cars. The proof may be the fact that they install on new cars of companies "Toyota", "Mercedes-Benz" and a number of other machines.

When choosing tires, it is important to consider the labeling of tires for noise and behaviour on wet roads and rolling resistance. These parameters have a direct impact on comfort and safety.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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