Outdoor summer kitchen for homework and rest

Closed summer kitchen — it is, in fact, an outbuilding which is used not only directly, but also as a guest house. Capital structure with door and Windows suitable for year round use. More suitable for the area with the cottage where the owners live permanently. On the construction of a closed kitchen will have to spend a lot of time and money.

The construction of the open kitchen is simple and fast. This option is consider in detail.

Spacious Playground with the necessary equipment will surely be a favorite gathering place for family and guests. And high costs will be avoided if correctly to choose a place for a summer kitchen. What does it mean?

The main factor is the proximity of the communications: electricity, running water and sewage systems. Each additional meter when performed in the right spot turns into tangible costs. The next thing to consider is a sufficient distance from all structures capable of an unpleasant odor to spoil the stay in the kitchen: toilet, chicken house, septic tank. Another important condition is the prevention of fire risks. The installation of barbecue or grill is impossible, if there are built of flammable materials.

Next to the summer kitchen welcome the presence of tall trees with spreading crown. On hot days the shade from the plants will add coolness.

Taking into account the density of the soil at the chosen location lay the Foundation. Screw pile-perfect for shaky and wet soils, areas with changes in terrain.

On flat ground with stable soil can be done pier Foundation blocks with concrete beams.

Suitable another simple option: dug 10-15 cm pit. The entire volume of the indentations filled with sand, tamped it, and on top of the laid paving tiles. Decorative coating for optimal moisture-resistant decking. Kitchen floor needs to rise above a plot of not less than five centimeters.

Supporting structures erected from wooden or metal poles. The wood is treated with antiseptic and fire retardant impregnation, the metal protective corrosion-resistant composition. For strapping pile Foundation with metal corners mounted vertical posts of the timber section 150 x 150 mm.

In the absence of Foundation for installation of stands in the ground dig a pit depth of 50 cm, put them in treated lumber or pipe, overlaid with stones and poured concrete. Suitable for racks brick. This material is perfect for the area where you plan to build the oven. In the kitchen, without a Foundation it is erected simultaneously with the racks.

As for the walls — they may be completely absent. But in most cases, the summer kitchen has at least one wall along which to place the stove, the sink, floor cupboards with work surface.

The roof over the area where you placed the summer kitchen, will protect from rain and sun. A frame of wooden beams or metal channels fixed to the vertical posts. Planning a shed roof along one of the walls set the bar higher.

The choice of roofing materials is great — all kinds of tiles, slate. The main thing that the cover match the style of the building. In the absence of Windows and doors from rain and wind will protect the curtains from waterproof fabric, removable or sliding panels. In the evening from annoying insects save the curtains of mosquito netting.

Within a few months the furniture in the outdoor area will be tested by the weather. Sofas and chairs with a fabric upholstery on the summer kitchen will quickly lose its gloss. Practical — removable seat covered with cloth of foam and soft pillows along the backs of furniture. In the evening remove them indoors that night I didn't get wet from dew, rain, fog. Frame of outdoor furniture — made from natural rattan, wicker, cane. Easy to clean PVC materials that simulate natural.

The basis for a large dining table is better to choose metal. Moisture proof materials for countertops is glass covered with ceramic mosaic, wood, artificial stone. Unusual look of the tables, entirely made of reinforced concrete with polished surface. Heavy furniture can stay outside in the winter. You can not fear for her safety: to take a concrete table not everyone is able.

What kind of stove to use outdoors? Basic equipment — oven with all the accessories for cooking over an open fire. Stationary gas oven — a rarity in the open kitchen. Convenient portable small gas cylinders.

Lighting select the protection from the water. Between the kitchen and the house lay the track.

Outdoor summer kitchen gazebo differs from a only in the presence of the equipment. Besides him in the large Playground set sofas, armchairs, pots and boxes of flowers hung from the hammock. In General, useful and pleasant structure.

And finally, a reminder needed for the children safety in the kitchen. At country house the risk of injury can be even greater than in a city apartment. A significant part of the day they spend on the site, makes parents more closely monitor their children. This requires special attention to access to open flame and red-hot elements of the stove.

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