Movies that made time stop

In the confusion of the day, we sometimes do not notice how the time zooms past us, what wonders surround us. Do not have time to listen to the rustling of leaves in the wind and we miss those moments when the crimson moon hanging in the horizon.

In these 10 films reflected the beauty and diversity of our world. Watch this movie and it seems like time has stopped.


Bouquet /Kytice

7 fairy tales ballads on the motives of Czech folklore filmed beautifully and poetically. They suffer at a time when people were closer to nature, believed in miracles and spirits of the forest when a terrible and beautiful was merged.

 Ashes and snow / Ashes and Snow

A documentary film by Gregory Colbert has no plot, it attracts with its stunning, unfettered beauty, reflecting the unity of man with nature. The film was shot over 13 years in the most exotic corners of our planet: Burma, Ethiopia, India, Antartica, Sri Lanka, Tonga and many other picturesque places.


Fountain / The Fountain

The main character Thomas is trying to find a cure for his wife Isabelle. With every day it gets worse and he can't be there, since it puts the experiments in the laboratory. His soul fight the love, the desire to be with Isabelle nearby and the desire to prolong her life. A philosophical drama of Darren Aronofsky's filmed is very colorful, despite the fact that the Director did not use computer special effects.


Samsara / Samsara

This is a beautiful hour and a half journey to the most amazing places on the planet. Director Ron Fricke showed the inextricable connection of all people and events on earth, the cycle of births and deaths, the diversity of our world, where the beautiful coexists with poverty, and the end means the beginning.


The bear / L'ours

The story of the bear who lost his mother and came to a big wounded bear. Together, they have to go through a lot of trials, the worst of it is the meeting with the hunters. Wonderful plot of the film coupled with amazing music that helps you dive into the world of nature and to feel her whole body.


Happy people: a year in the taiga / Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

Severe Siberian nature, untouched by man, the majestic Yenisei river and the small village of Bakhta with a straightforward way of life. People live and survive in these parts, I hope only on myself and ask the same only with yourself. Four seasons — four life-style for each of them.


August Rush / August Rush

A young musician in August rush does not know his parents, but really wants to find them and somehow convinced that if he will play, they will hear and know his music. Enchanting music permeates the entire film and works wonders in helping to break the spell of separation.


Baraka / Baraka

A masterpiece of documentary, philosophical essays, accompanied by great camera work and music, goes without saying. The only and the main actor here is life in all its diversity and unity. The sight of a monkey sitting in a hot pond is equal to the depths of cold space, and the dances of the aborigines synchronised movements of the forest.


Spring, summer, fall, winter... and spring / Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom

This is a beautiful and leisurely philosophical parable about the wheel of time, traversing the infinite. Each time, with the beginning of a new cycle of rotation, life on earth is renewed, and everyone has the opportunity for a new rebirth. In the film, Korean Director Kim Ki Duka tells of two monks — a teacher and his student — and the obstacles to be overcome on the way to the attainment of harmony.


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Khronos / Chronos

The main heroes of the documentary narration — the monuments of culture and history. They have absorbed the lives of the people who created them, and remained for centuries as a mark of bygone eras.published


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