4 things that are not useful in children: the view of the mom

When a baby, I want to buy him everything and more. And then it turns out that it was better to spend money on more important and practical things, and to store all these excess nowhere.

We asked mom what things in the children's room was odd, and present to you the leaders of the poll.


Crib or cradle

Unexpectedly, right? However, most often it refers to the crib, which can not be removed the side wall and can't move up to the parent's bed, the baby slept as if with mother. But, when mom first practiced co-sleeping with your child, and then shifted him on the bed, too much.

"The most useless thing was a baby cot — krasivoy, with pendulum and a fabulous bumpers! Our Princess wants a hug..." (Wbeat)

Changing table

Changing tables slowly give way changing the boards can be installed on the cot, laying on the parental bed, a table or dresser, if the size of the furniture will allow. Changing tables, according to mom, bulky, and they are not too long.

"The sense from the table a little better Board to buy: they are compact, put wherever you want. And the table is then nowhere to go when the child grows up. Better changing dresser to buy, if you want a separate place for changing". (Chakkata)


Despite the strong third place in the survey, the arena proved to be a controversial subject: the part of mom do they ultimately did not use, as other moms have no idea what would be he did not. Of course, it all depends on the child, because nobody knows in advance whether he would like in the arena or not.

"With six months left the only son in the playpen, in the crib he Bob his head on the bars, no bumpers did not help. And arena net, I am calm". (Mammamaria)

"Useless thing, both my there sat a single minute — from or". (Zzzybr)

 Garbage diapers

There is such a thing in the world: garbage diapers. Manufacturers claim that, so the house definitely will not be an unpleasant smell. And moms consider this item a waste of money.

"First, the heat still need to clean once a day — that prevents to take out the garbage? Second, it needs somewhere to put. We have a small apartment, every inch counts". (Vobla)



Also the number of unnecessary things were:
  • Walker;
  • swing (depends on child);
  • children's ceramic and glassware (the kids eat from plastic, and older already adult).

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By the way, answering our question at the same time mom called necessary things, without which they are like without hands: a highchair and pockets for small itemsthat can hang not only on the bed but on the wall, for example. published


Source: kvartblog.ru/blog/4-veschi-kotorye-ne-prigodilis-v-detskoy-mnenie-mam/


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