Kumo crib Baby Scrib

Long gone are the days when the interior was almost all the same, to be more precise, it is equally faceless. Now there is a tendency completely opposite to the past, on the contrary, there is a desire to stand out, and create at home the unique atmosphere of a cosiness and heat in your own style choosing the unusual furniture and any other detail to complement the interior. If you are one of the many fans of such unusual details in the interior design of your home, and more besides and are in anticipation of the child, this novelty will be extremely interesting for you. Quite recently, in December 2012, a London-based design Studio called "Sora Design", was presented with a new – cot "Kumo Baby Scrib".

On the creation of a cots project "Kumo" was inspired by clouds of various shapes and sizes, and that was the impetus to create such extraordinary cots for small children. Besides, the word "kumo"in Japanese language means "cloud". The very bed mounted to the ceiling and the effect of weightlessness, the appearance that it is floating in the air like clouds in the sky. Look at this amazing crib, don't you want to curl up and be in it instead of a little child, to sleep and wiggle in this wonderful cloud. The designers have provided parents with a choice of fastener: standard four rope or to increase their number to ten Grand that will allow you not only to secure the cradle, but make of them a variety of patterns.

Of course, a new invention rather quickly became the subject of controversy regarding the convenience of the crib, her descending the steps of the inner surface as it can be comfortable for the baby. Different viewpoints will always be present, regardless of the subject matter, however, you should take into account the time that is unlikely to be a design Studio would develop an obvious "failure" of the project.

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