How to get rid of chronic headaches

Headaches — one of the most common ailments of our time. Each of us at least once in their life faced with this scourge, and millions of people suffer from regular and chronic bouts of. If the medical examination does not reveal obvious violations, medical osteopaths can provide effective assistance in many cases to save people from such suffering.

Headache may be a manifestation of at least forty-five different diseases, failures and deviations in the body. If doctors find no pathology, the reason lies in the functional disorders, that is, changes in the normal functioning of organs and systems. As a rule, they caused displacement of the elements of the skeletal system (usually due to injury) or internal organs (due to spasm of muscles and ligaments, by which these bodies are attached to the skeleton and are connected to each other).


Most often the problem is not so big to provoke illness or be detected by conventional diagnosis, but they entail many negative effects, including chronic headaches. In most cases they are easily defined and amenable to osteopathic treatment methods. A few painless treatments, and the patient gets rid of disease. Give specific examples of violations that serve as the cause of chronic headaches.

Headache as a consequence of the improper functioning of the liver and gall bladder

One of the mechanisms of occurrence of headache is associated with deviations in the chemical composition of the internal environment of the body. When the intoxication of sensitive conductors — chemoreceptors — in the brain transmit alarms, which are perceived as pain. This mechanism underlies the chronic headaches that occur when hormonal changes in the body.

Since released into the blood hormones are destroyed in the liver, with the hormonal load on it increases. Normally, the body has to adapt to fluctuations in hormone levels, but if the liver can not cope with congestion in the blood gets oxidized decomposition products, the toxic. This is manifested by palpitations, sweating, irregular pressure, irritability, and headache.

These symptoms are characteristic of puberty, adolescents, pregnancy and menopause in women. Furthermore, they are possible with changes in hormonal levels in the individual phases of the menstrual cycle (premenstrual syndrome).

How are struggling with these ailments doctors osteopaths? The culprit of intoxication are often a problem with the liver and gallbladder, reducing their power limit and do not allow to cope with their responsibilities during a hormonal surge. The source of such failures — spasms of the muscles and ligaments, which connect the internal organs with the skeleton and each other.

The liver and gallbladder are mounted in the body a system of ligaments, involuntary contraction (spasserovannye) which leads to the change of position of bodies, twisting of the leading to these vessels and nerves, disruption of communications passing nearby. So, spasserovannye hepato-duodenal ligament that support the gallbladder often leads to partial compression of the biliary tract and obstructed flow of bile to the development of stagnant phenomena and intoxication.

Examining the causes of the variances, osteopath using special techniques to gently and painlessly loosens and displaces the organs in optimal position. After a few sessions the normal mode of the liver and gallbladder is recovering, intoxication and symptoms, including headache, usually disappear completely.

Headaches as a consequence of a tailbone injury

One of us slipped on the icy sidewalk, there has been a soft spot on solid ground? This incident (if there were no fractures) is quickly forgotten and few people gives it value. But osteopaths claim that the effects of a tailbone injury can occur throughout life and are the source of many diseases of various organs, particularly chronic headaches.

Located in the spine surrounds the spinal cord the Dura mater, resembling a "stocking". The lower end of the "stocking" is attached to the coccyx and the top part goes inside the skull and covers the cerebral hemispheres.

Normal mobility of the coccyx in humans is limited. However, when injury, it can substantially deviate from the original position, fixing in a new position. Attached to the Dura mater is stretched, squeezing the brain tissue, arterial and venous vessels. This leads to the development of hypoxia (insufficient oxygen supply) and stagnation (lack of outflow) venous blood. One of the consequences of chronic headaches.

One more thing. From the spinal cord to the internal organs (through the holes in the stocking") stretch the spinal nerves. Due to tension of the Dura mater suffer from the spine that causes a wide range of diseases in various spheres, such as gynaecology, gastro-intestinal tract, radiculitis, etc.

The most annoying that most of these ailments could have been avoided, since the deviation of the tailbone responds well to correction of the osteopathic methods, and practice shows that a noticeable displacement of the coccyx in a significant number of people.



Fascia of the face

As the nature of the affects of the disease


The above examples are only a small part of the functional disorders that can be diagnosed and addressed by osteopaths. Of course, osteopathy is not a panacea for all ills. No promises instantly and without drugs to remove headache of any origin. However, often faced with patients who for years swallowed painkillers and unsuccessfully treated wherever possible, while running from the sores can be disposed of early in just a single session.

So tip for the future: pain — start with an osteopath. The probability that he will solve the problem quickly and safely.published



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