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Every person has a strong power relationship with their parents, regardless of how you develop a relationship with them and whether they do. Whether we like it or not, the love of parents is so natural and constant that we need as air. Parents are our creators, we continued with full set of genes, the genetic memory, similar features in appearance, character.

They are the first people with whom we are making thorough contact with whom we will test the whole set of feelings, experiences relationship. Through the prism of their opinions, we perceive ourselves, give ourselves an assessment, live through the anxious years of life and absorbing all without a trace. From conception to death, each will carry his love to the parents. Some of this path is often filled with positive emotions, others are often negative, the third bit of everything.


I'm sure that if parents love their child and how they Express their love, much depends on how to develop in future life.

And to develop a happy life can be either due to the parents or in spite of them.

Unconditional parental love gives the peace, those are the wings, which are necessary for the child to feel the joy and the desire to live, in spite of any failures and troubles. What is unconditional love, is the ability to accept what is, without expectations and excessive demands, this freedom in the choice of the child, and the trust, support and affection, salvation without judgment, respect and understanding that your child is separate from you, a personality, a soul that is not your property, your task is to grow, to ensure the safety and comfort and in the end to let go in free swimming.

Unconditional love does not equal permissiveness. Relevant comments and punishment, but reasonable and as fair as possible, after which the child should learn, not to psychological trauma. Everything should be done without unnecessary emotions, restrained, with explanations, for the sole purpose to teach, not to break away from resentment or personal failure. Child treated in childhood unconditional love always knows that there are those who will support him, caress, help, warm, save. Such children grow up more confident and independent, able to love and to give love, be successful and implemented in all spheres of life.

If parental love is more like a disease, that is, in which there are mainly emotions, constant monitoring, excessive demands, expectations, or bias, indifference, aggression, in the end, the child becomes either a fighter has enough willpower to resist, feels and realizes that something is going wrong, or being without faith, which is unable to withstand the parental will, and completely dependent on them.

The latter's life is not enviable in all respects, such people simply exist, should the will of another, parents, and anyone can have a major impact on their lives, they do not have the power to make decisions is always dependent on other people, clogged, closed, reserved, timid. They arrive constantly in the role of victim, dissatisfied with everything, not even trying yourself to help yourself, expect that a miracle will happen and their life will improve by itself or by someone irresponsible.

Life wrestlers, replete with a mass of emotions and experience, they have a chance to come to conscious joyful living and to learn to love yourself and your loved ones unconditional love. Wrestlers are the hardest because they constantly hover on the brink between love and indifference to his parents, love always wins, but always suffers from pride, as the man forced to swallow resentment for resentment, to forgive, to accept, to the detriment of his personality.

Such a struggle can lead either to the fact that the child will reach the hearts of parents and the relationship will improve, or the child will go to, will close from parents and from all that who knows what will result. Another person will be happy and successful in spite of everything and everybody, but this is the exception rather the rule, or will conduct a closed secluded life devoid of love and joy that are likely.

All of this, I write for parents to pay attention to how they develop relationships with children, you may want to change something, to work on ourselves, or to praise himself and to continue in the same spirit. As parents, we very often tend to fall into the role of God in the lives of their children, or conversely, to deify the children and put yourself in the role of a slave. Go to extremes, from crazy love to the judges and overseers. Any extreme is bad, they lead to tragic consequences, ruining relationships and life in General.

Dear parents and myself, I appeal in particular, be SMARTER, grow with the children, learn to love unconditionally and teach the children, cultivate yourself, in everything and always needs to be Common sense. Remove excessive emotions, resentment, expectations and requirements, more heart-to-heart talk, help, support, praise. Understand how you behave with your children that you tell them how they have been treated, depends very much on the lives of your children. It is in your hands their peace and happiness and no other people not so much affected.

If your children cease to depend on emotionally from you, so they could not stand the constant struggle for your love and acceptance and just psychologically disconnected from you, which is equivalent to a complete estrangement and indifference. So dying love in the heart of the people, and if she dies its parents, and to himself and to others and to their children.

The man becomes a psychological cripple, is this what we wish our children? And it does not matter how old your child years, at least 3, at least 30, it will remain dependent on you and your love or dislike that will pass the red stripe through the whole of his life.

Learn unconditional love and above all towards his friends and family, and teach it to their children, this is the most important skill in the life of every person, it gives moments of joy and happiness.published


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