How to recognize whether you are working from the heart or out of fear

Now about how to recognize whether you are working from the heart or out of fear and ego. I want to give you some clues about how to recognize the energy of the heart, being in an environment where these energies is not dominant. Usually you have to fight to get what you want.

Especially at work, where a lot of competition and clashes of ego. Often you are forced to be someone you are not to get recognition, although your heart says that it should not be. Your heart yearns for much more natural course of action. This desire is very strong in you. So I would like to explain to you how the energy of the heart, and how to recognize them.


The energy of the heart not pressure. They are very soft and gentle in nature. Heart speaks to you through intuition. Heart gives you gentle nudges and hints, and never say something, the charged emotions of fear and pressure.

Therefore, the first energy flow from the heart I would call the flow of ease. In your daily life you can easily mark where things happen smoothly and find a natural path, where you keep bumping into resistance of what you are trying to achieve.

In the latter case, this means that you are in tune or not is completely in harmony with your heart energy. The secret energy of the heart that it does wonders not through use of force, but gently and naturally.


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Dare to follow your intuition is one of the most important ways to achieve harmony with the energy flow of the heart, which I call "stream of ease".

Follow your intuition in the context of work and creativity, where this energy is not obvious, creates unexpected opportunities for you. It brings you closer to Home in the sense that it brings you closer to the place to which its energies you belong." published


Pamela, Kribbe "Work, money and creativity"



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