How to make a solar collector with their hands

Today was the best use for home heating and water heating solar collector. Solar collector — a device that heated water using solar energy. To operate such a device may, and in cloudy weather due to the passing through the clouds of infrared radiation.


The main parts of the system are:
— solar panel;
— aquatimer;
— storage tank.

Independent fabrication to build a system you can own.

The most successful design is the development of Stanislaus Stanilova, an engineer from Bulgaria. The principle of operation is based on the use of the greenhouse effect. Manifold is a tubular radiator, obtained by welding steel pipes and placed in a wooden box with insulation. To sum up and drain water, use a regular water pipe, whose diameter is 1 inch or 3/4 inch.

The bottom and walls of the box teploizolyatsiya with cellulose wool, foam, mineral wool or polystyrene foam. Most carefully it is necessary to insulate the bottom that the top of the insulation, put a sheet of galvanized iron, and then put the radiator. Mount the radiator to the box is done with steel clamps. Next box, except the glass lid, color white paint, and the radiator sheet metal — black. The cover glass, allowing light to the radiator, carefully sealed. As storage can be used metal barrel, which is placed in plywood or wooden box, and then teploizolyatsiya sawdust, sand or expanded clay.

The materials required For the manufacture of a solar collector will need:
glass size 1700/750 mm;
— hardboard for the bottom;
frame under glass;
— Board boxes, section 120/25 mm;
— steel strip length of 3 m and a cross section 20/2,5 mm;
— coupling;
— a wooden beam of 50/30 mm cross section;
— pipe to radiator;
— clamps for mounting;
— galvanized iron;
— reception pipe of the radiator;
— tank capacity of 200-300 liters;
— aquatimer;
— insulator.

The manufacturing steps in the manufacture it is possible to allocate the following stages:

1. Knocked together out of boards box and reinforce it with timber.

2. The bottom of the box insulated insulating material, and then laid a sheet of tin or iron.

3. Top by means of steel clamps secure the radiator. To make the radiator from a piece of pipe, connecting them together by pipes of smaller diameter.

4. Obscure the joints, cracks, produces sealing compounds.

5. To improve the efficiency of paint black color of the metal sheet and tubes of the radiator.

6. Crumble water tank and box in silver color. The tank is placed in a box, for insulating the space between the walls of the box and the tank fill teploizoljatsionnym with a material.

7. Using aquaclay float valve like a toilet tank) creates a constant small pressure.Aquatimer you can buy at the hardware store.

8. Aquatimer and water tank are placed under the roof in the attic. The water level in aquacalendar to be higher than the level in the tank 80 cm

9. Panel collector placed on the roof, preferably on the South side of the house at an angle to the horizon is 45 degrees. The distance from the tank to the radiator should be 70 cm.

10. Connecting all parts of the system pipes. The section from aquaclara before entering the water (high-pressure part of the system) is mounted half-inch pipes, and low-pressure parts — inch. The number of tubes depends on the distance between parts of the manifold.

11. In order to avoid air pockets, fill the system with water produced from the lower part of the radiator. After filling the entire system of tubes for drainage of the water.
12. For filling the tank open the valve.

13. Water is rapidly heated and rises, displacing the cold water, and she automatically goes into the radiator.

14. If part of the water is used, work the float valve aquatimer and cold water is again received in the lower part of the manifold system. The process of mixing water in this case does not occur.

Tips on mounting in the manufacture of the solar collector should:
1. At the bottom of the system to set the valves, allows you to withdraw excess air.

2. To make insulation of hot water pipes.

3. To install the tap, blocking the flow of coolant with a sharp cold, to avoid damage to the system.

These tips will make your system a solar collector as efficient as possible. To avoid heat loss, it is desirable to cut off the flow of water into the tank at night. published


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