Russian hell: recipes and application

And you know what the hell an indispensable tool in the winter and in some ways even better than garlic?

We constantly use it for prevention and at the same time as the seasoning.

Is just: twisted hell on the grinder, lemon juice is added to protect against oxidation, stored for several weeks in the refrigerator.

Hell, twisted with tomatoes, stored for long periods.

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In the classical Russian kitchen fuck always prepared directly at the table and tried not to leave it more than a day or two as it was assumed that hell must be evil, "it's good to SIBAT in the nose," and left for a period of more than two days after preparation, he was losing his strength.

Besides, in Russian hell always be prepared without vinegar, which "kills" the power of hell and tells him their flavor and pungency, not peculiar to Russian national dishes.

Meanwhile the secret of this was extremely easy: I had to eat hell just after otkusyvanija and slightly projavilsja (but not proglatavetsa!) another piece of fish or meat.

First of all, that hell was "evil", needs solid, high-quality raw product.This means that the horseradish root should be in the thickness not less than the finger, without damage, juicy, strong. From external damage can be removed mechanically, cutting out the rotten, bruised and beaten, cut and contaminated sites.

Loss well the horseradish root juiciness — Vice, which is almost incorrigible, because the attempt to soak the hell though, and can lead to the restoration of its mechanical elasticity and thus to facilitate its rubbing on a grater, all the same will inevitably lead to leaching, by soaking and juices, giving the horseradish root flavor, and pungency, anger.

The degree of leaching may be different in each case, but it always affects not only the force is ready for table fuck, but also on the duration of maintaining this force in the finished condiment. Usually more than a day, the fortress is steeped shit is not saved, and this explains the introduction in the finished table horseradish simulators "fortress" like vinegar.

It is important to prepare a table horseradish from high quality raw materials, this neobhodimoje to keep the root after digging in the fall or spring. Hell remain in the sandbox, laying it in rows so that one root has never been touched by another, and covering every range of clean, sifted, free from any admixture of clay and ground sand. Once a week this sandbox we have a little bit of water (to sprinkle) with water so that the sand was always uniformly slightly damp. This way you can have absolutely fresh, juicy fuck in throughout the year.

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Cooking table horseradish root is cleaned with a knife, but avoid washing, rinsing, in extreme cases, after cleaning under cold running water. Then rubbed on a fine grater, after having prepared a jar (glass, porcelain) with a poured on her bottom with cold boiled water.

In this dish as rubbing horseradish grated always folded portions, not allowing them to steam in the open air. Then, when the rubbing process is finished, a shredded mass of added a little more water until the consistency of thick porridge, then podslushivaet 1 piece of sugar and salt to taste (pinch of salt).

Well additionally add grated lemon zest and lemon juice, while reducing accordingly the amount of water. Remaining by rubbing pieces of root and placed in a dish with prepared horseradish, turning them with a spoon so that they are at the bottom. This blank table of horseradish should not be watery and very thick and viscous consistency of porridge.

Before serving each tablespoon of this piece is diluted dessert spoon of sour cream. This composition will be called "Russian table fuck", unlike, say, seasonings, horseradish, used in the Baltic States and the Caucasus and include vinegar.

Thus, the horseradish as a condiment was widely used in Russian cuisine and the Russian table almost appeared way or another on a daily basis. With the invention of the salads horseradish seasoning began to introduce raw in salads of grated carrots, turnips, rutabagas, radishes and apples, as well as in salads, boiled root vegetables and in vinaigrettes, as a remoulade dressing.


Inconspicuous summer fruits that you want to include in the diet

Delicious salted cucumbers with apples


These two sauces/condiments universal: suitable for cereals, fish, vegetables, salads. Tasty and good for health.

Horseradish with beets

Mince the horseradish (root 2) raw beets(2 pieces) and lemon juice(1-2 pieces), salt to taste, store in the refrigerator.

Tomatoes with horseradish

Grind the tomatoes in the blender with the horseradish (the grinder to cover package), a little salt. Store in a cool place.

Cook with love ! Bon appetit!


Author: Lidiya Seregina


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