There is always a choice.ALWAYS

When doing the silliest of the steps, suddenly just discover what an enviable number of correct, even just a perfect solution was right under the nose. It's terribly sad and even fatal sometimes.

But it's powerful answers — there is always a selection of the best solution. Always. Open. We do not see. Don't want to. Awkward. I'm afraid. Pants.

Since childhood accustom ourselves to such "forced" action. Only now none of us really are not "forced". We ourselves, voluntarily.

Create a "forced" life to suffer and to blame for everything.

And here they are, great solutions follow us, sadly, us is not popular, not popular, alien to us and others. Like us, like two drops, because we chose what he chose and will choose again the same.

So where do we have fun? It's very sad to live someone else's life, someone's in her rules and regulations, turning on everyone... except himself.


You will never be able to understand those with whom we live, until life happens in all its glory

2 rules that will change your personal life forever


We will never be perfect, we can only be ourselves, to live only my life and make the best decision for us.

And this is the hardest, so it is easier to strive for an unattainable ideal, it removes the heavy burden of responsibility for their lives and for the courage to live it. published


© Tatiana Baruch


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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