A man and a woman blind in choosing a life partner

A man and a woman blind in choosing a life partner.

A man looks at the body and wrong body long enjoys eyes.

The woman looks at the mind and also past: the mind likes instead of honey pouring in the ears of the tar.

They would look at the soul, but the soul, as a flower is revealed only after the mind and the body will funeral and danced their mating song and dance and allow the silence to happen.

In the silence, when it is not necessary to place bait and traps for attracting the desired game, the scarlet flower of the soul begins to exude a scent of tenderness.

Tenderness is a matter of respect and appreciation necessary to create a space in which two souls want to continue the path.

The softer the soul the more it needs to protect the body and mind. And then again they go on stage, but instead of the wedding and now sing and dance to the deterrent motives to re-create the silence and let the flower soul to open up.


You will never be able to understand those with whom we live, until life happens in all its glory

We tend to associate happiness with consumption: why we bought, buy and will continue to buy



Silence comes in the form of loneliness. And it is necessary to have a strong mind so he sang his old songs-bait-and-horror stories, and he paused and gave a soft re-fill the space.

So comes Love. And behind it comes the partner who is willing to protect the peace and tenderness.published


©Mark Ifraimov


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