Is, what we get from birth...

Is, what we get from birth, absorbed with mother's milk. All of my mother's experience, mother's injuries, than the mother breathed and lived during pregnancy and the entire lactation period, we have a fully. Without any share of the error. Simply because up to 6 months rubenking mother and child is psychologically a single organism.

They are "merging". Further — less, but breast-feeding the merge process supports. The child absorbs the mother and the lives of its experiences. Receiving a legacy of what lives the mother during this period. And it was then up to 1, 5 years - laid - personality.

Is what we receive before our birth. This information, which is transmitted to us from our grandmother and grandmother stored in the egg, which later when my grandfather was born, our mom and then with dad will give birth to us.

I.e. our genome is laid in grandmother's eggs. And if the "there and then" starved, fought, died EN masse, all this traumatic psychological legacy with the programs of "how to live to survive" gets us to the third generation.

Is what we received in your own childhood. Our personal experience of different events with us.

This is all our Luggage, the basis from which our personality grows. Soil if you want.

And if in the previous three cases, no we were not asked do we want such psychological inheritance, a mother with her life's tragedies and unhappy childhood; grandmother, revolution, war and generally a country — the home and parents did not know how to choose, now we have a choice — what to do with all of this.


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Inheritance inheritance – someone is wasting grandmother's diamonds, and someone in the desert grows a garden. What to do with your inheritance, as you are living according to his own needs and wants – the choice is ours.

And neither mom nor grandma nor dad he's not responsible.

What are we doing now with my life – decide it's just us.published


Author: Irina Dubova


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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