Sergei Kapitsa: How to teach — knowledge or understanding?

Good question: how to teach — knowledge or understanding? My entire teaching practice on the PTI shows that it is necessary to teach understanding. In our Institute started physics, then it has spread to other faculties. We didn't have tickets, for the exam you can come with any manuals and records, notes, only, it was impossible to consult with a friend.

People used to come with a question, which he himself had prepared and told me that he understands the subject. It was not easy to teach the students and teachers, but that was our goal. Because knowledge is very easy to get from the Internet, from different sources, too many of them and they are too flexible, and understanding is what remains.


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This is well expressed by Vaclav Havel, the Czech President, dissident: "the more I know the less I understand". It is very aphoristically expressed the gap between the level of knowledge and level of understanding.

The goal of this education is to teach understanding.published


Author: Sergei Kapitsa




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