As the man himself creates his disease: psychosomatic female disease

We seldom associate the one or another mental state to our physical health. Like, no sickness, no real bleeding wound can not be compared with the mental pain.

Compares and even "surpass". Women's physiology is directly linked to how it may sound strange, subtle spiritual matters. Many women's diseases arise from the fact that we do not accept some things (in appearance, character, social position, etc.). And, in fact, to prevent, to cure unpleasant disease is much easier when you understand its psychological underpinnings.

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Psychosomatics – the word is not new in medicine and psychology. This scientific direction, studying the influence of psychological factors on the course of somatic (bodily) diseases. Deeply studied the influence of internal feelings on the state of women's health therapist, psychotherapist with many years of experience Valery Sinelnikov: "Every man creates a disease.

Hundreds and hundreds of times I was going through various cases from his practice, and each time was convinced that external factors such as nutrition, infection, weather conditions, create just a background for the development of the disease. There is something deeper inside a person that determines the development of a disease. No matter whether it is a disease of the soul or body."

Valery Vladimirovich also sure to bring some kind of universal system of communication of certain psychological factors with certain diseases is impossible, because everyone is going through a situation exactly like in terms of physiology, we may not be the same. But there are General traits that are typical signs that tell a woman how to overcome the disease.

Cervical erosion

Probably the most common after a yeast infection in our time, the disease. Moreover, this disease with age, "younger": for help, experts are increasingly turning 19-20-year-old girl. Of course, genetic predisposition, poor hygiene, haphazard sex life – all this affects the development and course of the disease.

But there are also internal cause of erosion is the perception of themselves as flawed, violated women's rights. The majority of patients seeking treatment to the gynecologist with this problem, do not understand how to realize themselves in relationships with men, how to use your feminine energy and to be feminine. Therefore recommended in addition to pharmacological treatment to deal psychopractice: learn to perceive themselves and the partner as worthy individuals; start to love my body, feel my sex appeal.


Psychological cause of this unpleasant disease – unwillingness to make love with a partner. And she will be with you for as long as sex with someone will not start to be fun.


Internal background the occurrence of endometriosis (a disease accompanied by bleeding and inflammation of the tissues of the uterus) is the perception of men as the predator. These women are constantly in suspense: they're waiting for the bad side of men, very critical towards them, rude, constantly making the claim, complain, send reproaches. The aim of such patients to learn to perceive men as a mass, not to associate them with each other; not to be discharged with a partner, to respect him, to stop being afraid of "hidden threat".

Fibroids of the uterus

Uterine fibroid – a benign tumor has a traumatic origin (e.g., rupture of muscle fibers of the uterus during childbirth). If we talk about psychosomatics, fibroids may have offended a man women. This should be a strong resentment, unspoken claim, the betrayal of a loved one – an extremely unpleasant event to which the patient keeps coming back.

In most cases, fibroids not amenable to conservative treatment (at the initial stage it is possible to treat with homeopathy, hormones, etc.), it is removed surgical. This is a very serious disease, the decision to undergo surgery is often fatal for women (not everyone will agree to remove the uterus) and greatly affects the psyche. You need to have great will power to make the right decision. If you release the resentment – of course, this does not relieve you of the tumor, but drug treatment will be much easier.

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Inflammation of ovarian cysts

Sinelnikov says that the ovaries represent female creative blocks. If, again, a woman may not Express their position, realize their potential – there are problems with these bodies.

Menstrual irregularity

Disorder cycle or absence of menstruation in a psychological context suggests that the girl or woman denies their nature, their femininity. She's not satisfied with his body, afraid to be sexual. Noticed that the cycle comes back to normal, when a woman accepted in some, a group of women with a normal moral climate. Constant communication with the fair sex, normalizes the flow of feminine energy, and often it is due to this menstruation is painless, non-suffering.


Vadim Zeland: People don't notice that get sick and die stupid way

Psychosomatics psoriasis



Reducing sexual excitability, lack of orgasms – signs of being in constant fear. Fear of sexual intercourse. These women often deny all fleshly, physical intimacy, giving preference to spirituality. Probably the families of these women reigned puritanical atmosphere, the father or the mother was very strict and didn't allow the girl to have any contact with boys.

To get rid of this fear, this unit is very difficult. Frigid women intentionally meet or connect their lives with sexually immature partners to justify my insensitivity. But "to lead them in a sense" only the men themselves out of this situation no way out. Partner by their example to show that you can not only be fun, but to get it. It must be a very loving and strong person.

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