17 fantastic ideas for your house! Brings beauty for half an hour.

This article will be a pleasant discovery for all who seek to create a comfortable interior in their home. No need to spend a lot of money to bring a bit of magic in the home! Available materials, imagination, a couple of bright ideas, and apartment.

Collected here crafts are created in a jiffy, and pleasing to the eye will for a long time. Each of them I loved, especially the cute looks with an Easter basket. I would be glad if you'll like it!

Handmade crafts for the home
  1. Hanger for scarves and shawls. I so needed! Very easy to make with wooden clothespins.

  2. Wooden stand for hot and not very utensils are never useless in the kitchen!

  3. Eyeglass case from a tie. In my opinion, great...

  4. Pillows from shirts. I have one in mind, you need to do!

  5. A second life to old furniture! Wonderful mini bar turned out.

  6. Replace the strap on your watch bright scarf — a stylish idea.

  7. Delightful decor holiday table!

  8. The shade of the lamp. Original looks during the day, evening shade casts a cozy! And its so easy to do...

  9. A vase of paint brushes in!

  10. Another idea of using wooden pegs: here's how to keep in order your jewelry.

  11. Candle holder from a fork. I love it!

  12. How to make a normal hours something amazing: such a watch will fit into any interior.

  13. It is extremely looks like, and how practical! I do not have this hanger in the kitchen...

  14. The meeting place of lonely lost socks.

  15. Easter basket will be ready in 15 minutes! Keep these ideas and will definitely make this for Easter this year. All the materials are inexpensive, is simple. A miracle!

  16. Here's something to replace the handles of the kitchen cabinets!

  17. Decoration-clamp for kitchen curtains from a fork. Lovely!

Interesting crafts create special atmosphere in the house will raise the mood and improve your life: many of these items are quite functional! If you find the idea interesting, share them with friends, they will say "thank you."

The author

Alexander Klimchuk Since childhood, interested in medicine, grew up in a family of doctors. Knows how to make a fancy Breakfast out of nothing, is not afraid to experiment in the kitchen, making pies without flour, low-fat mayonnaise, healthy sweets. Never give up and believes that people are created to help each other! In all its domestic Affairs the assistant to the son Sasha. Alexandra's favorite book — "the Art of loving" by E. Fromm.


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