The guy might be color blind see the world in these colors. His emotional story was very touching!

The website publishes the story first hand blind, which for the first time, wearing lenses correcting color blindness. A sea of impressions!

Technicupdates.will somneone post with, what is color blindness. Daltonism or color blindness is hereditary, rarely acquired feature of humans and primates, as expressed in the inability to distinguish between largely green and red colors.

I was diagnosed in high school, when I went in 9th grade to study for a driver's license. At that time, the law of our Motherland is strictly forbidden to drive a car!, 2014 has amended the law, so it's fine to drive.

The essence of the other. Once, walking across the expanses of the Internet came across a couple of sites that sold lenses, correcting my illness. Lenses these are divided into classes according to the degree of perception of colors and are like the egg of a unicorn. Slightly turn your expenses three months later I ordered them.

The essence of my post is to tell you what was a shock to the brain when I saw the world in color. Until then, I never wore lenses and glasses.

To wear the lens was not difficult. I decided to try one and compare, you will change the world, if you look at it through different eyes. To say that I was shocked is to say nothing!!! I walked down the street and just watched, watched with one eye as it should be, and others which all faded. I began to realize that the world is full of colors, I've never even seen before. I accidentally followed a girl in a bright pink jacket, because it is not seen before this color (no lens I saw a dull-orange color). The girl, of course, scared, but okay.

After wearing the lenses for several days eyes started to get tired. On the third day I went outside without lenses and the brain began to do something strange! I looked on the grass — without lenses, she was, as before faded, dull, but the brain knew she looks different and put on top of the seen color. The whole world has turned into something incomprehensible. I don't even know how to describe it, it looked like you are watching a 3D movie without the glasses, only the picture is not blurred, and changes color every three seconds (continuous).

After a long day of lens wear was vertigo. I soon stopped wearing them and fell into depression. Imagine — you see all year round autumn. You at one point showed looks like the summer has taken him back. Was a little bit sad.

Came across the Internets that you can order glasses, but they are like two balls of a unicorn and the horn as a gift. Plans to poukladate money to buy such glasses and enjoy life.

All good and fun.



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