What did this man with an old tyre, admirable!

If you don't know what to do with old car tires, do not rush to get rid of them. With imagination and a little effort, this gift can be used to do a lot of interesting and original crafts.

Old tires are well suited for landscaping country house or Villa. This versatile piece can be used as a decor element flower beds, or the quality of the beds.

Flowerbeds of tires"Website" offers to inspire original ideas, which can be implemented without any special effort.

  1. Of tires out very beautiful and original vases.

  2. By following simple and clear instructions, you can do it yourself.

  3. You can choose the color and the concept of a vase of tires on your taste.

  4. This decor item is perfect for your home or garden.

  5. Flowerbeds of tires can be the hallmark of your home.

  6. If you can't make a graceful vase, you can just paint the tires in different colors — they would look great as flower beds.

I can't believe how much it can transform a cottage or a house, if you show diligence, creativity and inspiration.

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