Be outrageous - Dechun Wang


My name is Wang Dechun.
I was born and raised in China, in Shenyang city.
People began to know me after my appearance on the runway.
Someone even called me "Hot grandpa".
They say that I am now an Internet sensation.
But we know that to prepare for this day,
I trained 60 years.
In the 24 years I was an actor in the theater.
At 44 I started to learn English.
In 49 years I created the pantomime troupe
and went to Beijing to become a "Beijing drifter".
My name meant nothing, I started from scratch.
In 50 years, I first entered the gym,
started to work on himself.
In 57 years I returned to the scene.
And has created a unique art form
called "a Living sculpture".
In 70 years I have really immersed yourself in work on his body.
In 79 years, I first made the appearance on the podium.
I am now 80 years old, and I still have a gunpowder in powder flasks.
I still have dreams that I work towards.
Believe me, your potential needs to be realized!
When you think it's too late
be careful, perhaps so
you choose the excuse to give up.
No one can hold you back from success,
except you.
When it's time to Shine
Be the brightest!
I Dechun Wang.
I was frenzied!




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