20 Hollywood beauties that had once been normal girls


They have a star on the walk of fame, numerous awards and the crowd of fans. They have great images, outfits, Haute couture, and a bunch of stylists that help them to Shine on red carpets and magazine covers. But not always so. Once they were perfectly normal girls, if from a neighboring yard.

The website decided to compare the photos of the famous beauties of that time, when they only dreamed about Hollywood, and how they look now.

Nicole Kidman, 1983 e613aff063.jpg

Penelope Cruz, 1991 bf0ded3b89.jpg

Celine Dion, 1982 6212a5982d.jpg

Demi Moore, 1988 99c5a1e28a.jpg

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 1986 f7db30503b.jpg

Sher, 1965 079e809b0c.jpg

Victoria Beckham, 1997 3bdada436f.jpg

Kim Cattrall, 1980 d22388a08b.jpg

Kate Beckinsale, 1994 e6ba91748a.jpg

Jennifer Aniston, 1988 3fe78a0047.jpg

Vanessa Paradis, 1988 7021a2b813.jpg

Uma Thurman, 1994 83902c1eac.jpg

Mariah Carey, 1988 e1b880a60c.jpg

Kylie Minogue, 1985 8c11259d4f.jpg

Gwen Stefani, 1999 3bb57e8fc0.jpg

Heidi Klum, 2002 7b3dc69af5.jpg

Kylie Jenner, 2010 f49e375840.jpg

Kate Winslet, 1995 610602b425.jpg

Sarah Jessica Parker, 1980 b81f5d2c7f.jpg

Photo on preview, Nilsen Premiere,
Jack Shea

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