15 benefits granted to age each of us

Growing up can be really tough. Each year to rejoice the birthday becomes more and more difficult, and it seems that all the good left behind.

We are in the Website I agree with the famous quote that "in 40 years life only begins" and has collected 10 strong arguments that will convince you that getting older is cool.

You can no longer hide their strange habits and Hobbies

The list of people whose opinions I care about now

How I feel when the young come to me for advice

That bothers me so much extra pounds

Now you do not need to freeze in the winter in light clothing to prove how awesome I am

I got rid of all the stupid systems and love myself the way I am

I can stay up as late as I want. For example, at 21:45

Follow all the technical innovations and confident users of modern gadgets

Music of my youth — the most emotional, and no one can prove me wrong

I don't mind when noisy children arrange fun games in my yard

When people ask me if I wanted to go to a night club

When young friends are worried about the study and session

And so I react to those who are not interested in me

Another birthday — a true celebration

In the end, I love jokes about age

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