These old men are selling the house in which they had spent 78 years! Buyers kissed their feet ...

In 1938, Tom and Jean Cheetham moved to Sydney and lived in his first and only home. There they raised their children and lived until the grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. At the age of 103 and 100 years, the couple decided to sell the house and go to live out his life in a nursing home, as they needed constant care.

Once inside the house, realtors and buyers were shocked: time seems to have stopped there in 1938, since then, Tom and Jean did not do repairs. Furniture, carpets, appliances, decor - all this remains unchanged. Most users hit the perfect order and perfect condition of the house.

Old domaDelo Interior that Jean was very painful and fragile even from a young age, so all the household chores took over Tom. Even before you leave your home, he mowed the lawn of habit forever.

Due to its unusual interior the house was sold for a fabulous price - 1, 5 million dollars. Local people learned of the sale of marvelous houses, want to see this magical place where time stands still. Good-natured old men were glad to excessive interest and attention, so do not let visit their homes.

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