11 interesting ideas that will help clean house!

We all know that in the big cities every centimeter of housing is not cheap. Therefore, not everyone can boast of a spacious apartment. But even the smallest home will look comfortable, if properly organized storage space.

< «Just So!» offers to your attention a unique collection of life hacking to save space, you are sure to come in handy.

How to save space
If you have a small apartment, you just need to purchase a sliding door.

Use the space under the stairs for storage of various details.

connect several cans to make a great organizer for stationery.

Do not throw nice bottle of wine, they can give the interior a special charm.

Use the gum and wine cork can make a special clamp for cables and wires.

Plastic cups - the most reliable way to store Christmas toys

To save space in the closet, attach the back of the door of small boxes.

This is how you can easily fall into place all the papers!

If you have a large family, the problem of a huge number of shoes you know. This chest of drawers is the best value for the parents of many children.

make right in your room a cache of jewelry!

Now you know how to store children's toys.

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