Rules of life. Edward Norton

I is what it is - a man who grew up in the golden age of children's television.

My career began with the theater, and that is where I spent my younger years. As an usher, of course.

In childhood we make a film BY CLICKING "PAUSE" on the usual home camcorder. We did not have anything - only one cassette, the button "pause" and a good reaction. We were just in time to press the "pause" and then move on to the next scene, press the button and - if you could not get a double - wind off back and again put on pause, and then again it was squeezed. These films we shot together with a friend, and one and all they were something like "Enter the Dragon", plus a parody of the spaghetti western, mixed with a parody of kung fu. And many years later, I was in New York for the premiere of "Pulp Fiction". The whole movie I sat with a smile on my face was cut in half, because there on the screen, there was exactly what my friend and I so wanted to shoot somewhere in the backyard.

NOW - this amazing moment when I no longer need to prove anything, - I began to count my life damn comfortable.

My generation - this generation of people emerging from a midlife crisis in the twenties.

Throughout my career, I never took up the role for which would require my personal experience.

To be an actor - good work if you can get it. But any other, who have a job in this difficult world may believe that well settled. And those who have a job, which he enjoys, can consider himself the happiest man on earth.

I consider my profession as an opportunity LAM: a secret key that is suitable to each door, and a special pass that allows you to get into any reality and inhale her scent. I just enjoy it free pass.

How I got a role in "Birdman"? The easiest way would be to say that I read the script, and then went to lunch with Alejandro Inarritu and threatened to not release it from the cafe as long as we do not hit on his hands. He said: "I knew I'd hear from you is this, dude."

Remove MOVIE, GREAT PEOPLE enmity on the set. But it seems to me, such conflicts are essential. Quiet and smooth shooting always lead to an extremely banal outcome.

I think that independent cinema has ceased to be truly independent, because every major Hollywood studios long ago bought itself on the small arthouse label.

I do not think that people have the right to demand that all you're doing, it was equally good.

MAYBE the career I had no more reason to be proud of, than that a check for forty dollars, which I received for co-authoring in creating lyrics and music for "Death to Smoochy" (Comedy 2002 -. Esquire). The money I shared with writer Adam Resnick - a fucking genius who created this film, and it seems to admit that it was the peak of my career.

I would not want to be the actor, who is clearly associated with some types of characters. I believe that you have the right to try anything at least once, but if you did the same thing a few films in a row, it sits on you like a suit, which is then very difficult to remove.

"Fight Club" - not the most common MY FILM. But this is only part of the surprise of the year, 1999. Year of "The Matrix", the year of the "Three Kings", the year of "Magnolia" and the year of "Being John Malkovich."

I shot every year. For example, I missed the 2010-th, because he wrote for the HBO miniseries script. But I'm glad. In the film, as in real life - it is better when people miss you, than when they see you every day.

Social networks create not EXACTLY to the world, we reported that ate for breakfast.

I prefer to live in New York because it is a place where anyone can enjoy the endless anonymity.

I have almost forgotten what it means - to be proud of their government.

Read about that American intelligence agencies have done over the last 50 years - it is at least surprising. It is amazing and scary.

MOST HORRIBLE things to do under the guise of concern for people - for example, about us.

SAFETY - NO SUCH THING uniquely what it seems. Take, for example, drones, which are birds of prey, killing someone every day. Look at them and ask yourself: do you really want your security to be provided in such a way?

GOOD MOVIE SHOULD NOT answer questions. A good film should make you ask them.

Joseph Campbell, the American philosopher, said that the history of the world's best - not the sad and funny, and transparent. Transparent so, he said, looking through them, people can see themselves.

UNLIKE Comedy, Drama often makes the viewer voluntary soperezhivatelem. After all the drama easily crosses the border of human unbelief.

Musical with CHILDHOOD struck me as something alien. I was never one of those guys who always whistling some tunes of the latest productions.

My favorite VILLAINS - is Gene Hackman in "Superman" and John Huston in "Chinatown." I've always loved villains with whom it would be nice to spend the evening and talk about any nonsense.

I still continues to be cinephiles.

YOU NEVER drags on the back Harvey Keitel? But I'm lugging. It weighs, like, 240 pounds (about 110 kg -. Esquire), and he has a mountain of muscle, that is, strictly speaking, is not peculiar to men of his age. Believe me, to drag him on the back - it's something.

Remember what Dorothy Parker (American poet -. Esquire)? Rub thoroughly any actor - and seem actress. But I can only guess what she had in mind.

I never say that I am a good actor. But I know how to be nice to watch other people, and then play them back. Mimicry - the chief of my tools, and remember.

GLORY destructive than the rust.



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