Most animals are no grandmothers, but they have elephants, and here's why

For each of us the grandmother - the embodiment of wisdom, care and comfort. At the same time in most species zhivotnyhbabushki not play a role in educating the younger generation. Firstly, the animals generally do not live as long, and secondly - not all form a cohesive family

. Professor Phyllis Lee collected data about 800 elephants in Kenya Amboseli national park about 40 years (with the timing has to be dealt with, if you study the animals that live as long as humans). And it found that the availability of grandmother ... depends on the survival of the baby elephant!

Elephants live in large families, which consist of individuals of different ages.

What makes the elephant grandparents so important?
  • Elephants head of the family is considered to be the most elderly female. She leads the pack for food and water, direct relatives when a chance encounter with another family.
  • In families where there is a grandmother, elephant give birth more often.
  • They protect the elephants, watch over them and help to overcome the obstacles that can always occur in the way.
  • a mature female elephants do not compete with neighbors for food, as is often the case with other animals, and give young eat first. Lee said that the elephants - amazingly intelligent animals and to study them better, it will take many years

    . So, if you are brought up my grandmother, you know that you have the elephants a little more in common than it seems.

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