11 ways to do ordinary things three times faster

Daily care takes a lot of time. Cleaning potatoes, unraveling headphones, even tying shoelaces - all these precious seconds that could be spent on something interesting or informative

. We are in the Website is not willing to sacrifice precious time wasted, so picked up a few tips on how to speed up daily tasks.

It is easy to shake the ketchup out of a bottle

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To do this, do not knock on the bottom of the bottle. You need to tilt the bottle at an angle of 30 ° and is easy to knock the neck by hand. So easy and ketchup splashes spilled on the plate.

How to tie shoelaces per second

Make a loop with each of the ends of the lace and simultaneously display them one after the other, forming a unit.

As for the second fold a T-shirt

Take the T-shirt at the points 1 and 2. Without releasing the 2 point, drag the point 1 to point 3 and take them along. Without releasing the points 1 and 3, pull the left arm with the point 2 over and straighten shirt. Fold the edge of the second T-shirt.

How to instantly clean banana

Just broke it in two and squeeze the inside of the skin.

How to peel potatoes faster than to get a knife

Remove the cooked potatoes from the pan and dip into a bowl of cold water. A minute later, the peel comes off easily hands.

How to make homemade sorbet 2 minutes 98,276,418

Pour a glass of juice in the bag and close tightly. Put it in a package more. Pour two cups of ice to a glass of salt and pour a glass of water. Vigorously shake until the juice in the package does not harden.

How to fold the headphones for 5 seconds, then they are easy to untangle 45,152,613

From one end of the headphones make a loop. Wrap the rest of the top cord. Make a loop from the second end and pass first. Tighten the cord.

How to peel an egg with one blow

Beat the egg with two sides and then blow strongly. The egg shell will fly out unharmed.

How cool soda 2 minutes

Pour into a bowl of water, add 2 cups of ice and a glass of salt. Put the jar to soda and stir vigorously until soda is cooled.

How quickly clean grenades and dirty all around

Cut the top of one and make cuts across the grenade. Turn it over the plate and tap it with a spoon. The seeds fall out quickly and without splashing.

How to freeze beef

Place the beef in a bag and roll it with a rolling pin until it became flat. Rulers, stick to the land or ordinary pencil, make an indentation. Having frozen beef so you can easily break off a piece of the right and quickly to unfreeze it.

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