These 10 fascinating facts about food will not leave you indifferent!

Everyday things are fraught with a lot of mysteries and interesting things that are going on around the world scientists and ordinary people. This time we decided to share with you a selection of food facts. < Website published 10 interesting, amazing, life and strange facts about food from Adme blog

Chili 96,932,392

Photo source:. Adme.ruTsvet chili says nothing his taste. We need only look at the size:. Than it is smaller, the more Bananas

It may seem silly, but it really attracts the mosquitoes smell the man recently ate the banana. Mosquitoes, what's the point?


Avocado - very unpredictable fruit

more avocado Never, do you hear, never feed your bird avocado.! Even if you really want or ask for much. This is a very poisonous fruit for them.


Gravity has a great sense of humor and is actively making fun of you when you want to drink. How to deal with it? It seems that way.

Bottled Water

In each of these different water bottles! And you will never find two with the same water producers.

Dyes and children

Chemical dyes in food cause hyperactivity in children. Especially reds and yellows.

Coffee beans

Coffee beans - not a grain at all, it turns out, and berries! Truly, they are called "coffee tree berries." So you can safely say that no drink liters of coffee and berry juice.

Camembert cheese

Camembert cheese is consumed as close as possible to the date of the expiration date, but in any case not after it.


Dark chocolate is very caring. It will saturate your blood glucose before eating if you eat a small piece. Therefore, even if you are very hungry, you will not eat too much and feel the saturation time.

Main meal secret

Food tastes better at night. Always. Any.



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