The evil mother screaming in the store on children. Note officer forced her to shut her mouth!

Rude and intemperate women in public screaming children always cause irritation to others. Usually, however, is not brave mummy indicate that it goes too far. Hero stories today Website did it! Here that told old American David Geller on his page on Facebook.

Yimg.comNakonets, I got a job as a doorman in a store «Wal-Mart», that is not bad for a pensioner, but unfortunately I stayed there less than a day.

About two hours after the start of my first working day went to the store is very noisy, repulsive kind of evil woman with her two children, constantly swearing at them. In accordance with the study guide for the porters, I politely said, "Good morning and welcome to the" Wal-Mart ". You have lovely children. They're twins? »

The woman stopped screaming only to hiss me in response: "No, damn it, they're not twins. Senior - nine and the youngest - seven years. From what you took it that they are twins? Are you blind or stupid? »

I said, "I'm not blind or stupid, Mrs. Just could not believe that someone had slept with you ... twice. Good day and thank you for making purchases in the store «Wal-Mart».

My supervisor said that maybe I'm just not cut out for this work.



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