6 rules of parenting from Jewish mothers. Their wise counsel will be useful to everyone!

The Jews are very sensitive to their children. Happy childhood and well-being of children is for them almost a national idea. Most likely, these are the basics of education help adults then be confident, motivated and feel comfortable in this life. < Website publishes a selection of the wise counsel Jewish mothers in relation to education of offspring.

Azjewishpost.com My child -. Gold Just sometimes do stupid things. The Jewish mother is not only say, but do not even think that her child is bad. From her, we hear: "What a wonderful boy could do such a stupid thing?". Disobedience, prank - this is peculiar to children. A constant criticism of the child only grows complexes in it. Therefore, the child is always good! Bad can be only his act. The purpose of education -.. To find the reasons for this act and get rid of them

The child can be anything other than what he can not The Jewish families allow children very much, do not curse on the little things, not pay attention to minor offenses. But there are some things that never, under any circumstances can not be done. This includes respect for elders, school, health and other important things. These prohibitions little, but they are relentless.

< The world needs to know how beautiful my baby! It is necessary to praise the child and be proud of it, not only to him alone, but also in conversations with friends, acquaintances close. It's normal for Jewish parents, but it is unusual for us ... Give your child the opportunity to understand how you are proud of them, and he will try to please you even more.

< Be happy in your family, that the child was happy in his. The child is not much to repeat in a Jewish family, do not report. He just set a good example. The child is constantly watching your actions and adopts them. Want to teach your child to enjoy life - enjoy your own! Do you want him to live happily - be happy

Parenting -. A science Children in a Jewish family so bring them to grow a good parent. Through games and fun laid-rearing practices, and in schools and synagogues teach parenting courses.

< The child must be busy. On the stupidity then less time. Jewish children get used to constantly busy from early childhood. This helps them grow persistent and hard work on their dreams.

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