50 phrases that are sure to need to talk to your children!

You will easily find a contact there with your child? It is easy to talk to him kind and encouraging words?

Or it happens that in addition to "Good, good," it is difficult to add anything else?

What are the words you need to be sure to talk to your child?

Parents often share with me during my training or consultation:

"You know, especially a lot of good things in my childhood no one said ... This is something unusual. And I find it hard to think of something every time. Just I do not know what to say, to express their support for the child and their faith in him. »

To make it easier, I made for you a list of phrases that you can use when communicating with your child, as well as to acquaint them with the adults who are involved in the upbringing of the child.

These phrases can and should speak not only young children, but be sure to schoolchildren and teenagers. Always!

It is not laudatory phrases. This phrase, which helps the child to feel your support and your faith in him, let him feel that you love him, you know, take. As you near him well. What happened to him everything is in order.

This phrase, which inspire and support your child. Use them in daily contact with him. This will help you build a more harmonious relationship with the child!


Wow! The room is clean!
Wow! Unmade bed!
Wow! Books lie flat on a shelf!
I see you really like to draw.
What do you use bright colors!
I see that you really tried!
I see you chose her clothes!
I can see how accurately you folded his pajamas.
I see that you yourself removed from the table!
Describe what you feel:

I'm so pleased to enter into such a clean room.
I really like to do and play with you.
When I look at the bright balls by the host drawing, I'm so happily.
I'm so happy when you're home.
I feel that we are with you as a team.
It is a pleasure when you say so.
I'm so happy that you have there.
It is a pleasure when you're helping me.


I trust you.
I believe in you.
I respect your decision.
It is not easy, but be sure to get you.
You have everything turns out, if you just want to.
You're doing all right.
You understand everything correctly.
How you got it?
Teach me how you obtained.
You're doing it better than me.
You get it better than me.

I really appreciate the time we spend together with you.
I look forward to when we will be able to play again tomorrow.
Are you very interesting.
I really liked the way we played.
I'm glad you're home.
Are you a very interesting and enjoyable to play.
Highlighted the efforts and diligence

How do you try!
I see you've put a lot of work into it.
I see how hard you tried.
You're so bothered about it, and that's how cool happened!
It turns out very nice.
I can imagine how long it took!
I imagine how long have you been trying to make it happen!
How many had come up to this happened!
Your works have led to a good result!

Thank you very much to you for what you ... (for the specific case).
Thank you for what you did.
Thank you very much for your help.
Thank you for your understanding.
This is a very big help for me, thank you.
You are helping me so well!
Thanks to you I have everything finished quickly.
Thanks to you, we are now so clean.
Thanks to you, things are no longer scattered on the floor.

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What do you think about this?
I can imagine how you yourself nice!
What you are most like the most?
And as you yourself think?
And what do you think about this?
And as you think yourself?
And you yourself as we would like?

Author: Ekaterina Kes (Buslova)


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