Owner Tesla Model S claims that his autopilot electric pedestrian rescued from death

The company Tesla received a letter from the owner of the electric Model S, in which the motorist told the effective work of the autopilot (Tesla Autopilot) in an emergency. Thanks to the automatic emergency braking (Automatic Emergency Braking) managed to avoid collision with a pedestrian. If not for this system, it would be an accident in which a pedestrian might and die.

This information appeared on the background of a number of investigations that are underway by US regulators in relation Autopilot technology and the company itself.

The letter reads as follows:

"Hi. I would like to tell you that my car is probably saved the life of a pedestrian last night, 16/07 around 10:30 am, when I was driving on Washington with his daughter. I was at the New York Avenue, it was already dark, on the road it was a lot of cars with headlights on, somewhere in the car honking. ... suddenly in front of our Model S in the darkness appeared a pedestrian wearing dark clothes, he was in the middle of the road.

Before I had time to hit the brakes, emergency braking system beeps and the display shows the image of a red car. The car pulled up on their own at a distance of just a few centimeters away from the pedestrian. I would like to know if our car took a pedestrian on a different machine, located in front of us? I'm not sure I would be able to brake in time, so I'm pleased that the machine did it herself. I'm also not sure if there was an event in the event log sensor.

Now there are a lot of negative reviews on Autopilot and the death of the driver a few weeks ago. I think it's important for you to know about this story. The work that you are doing is really important, it allows you to save lives. Unfortunately, cases like this are not covered by the press, so few people aware of how many accidents avoided. Thank you for giving customers the Autopilot, albeit in beta.

Larry. " As far as can be understood from the letter, in which case it is automatically triggered emergency brake. At the time, as most of the additional functions Autopilot are only available in premium quality services, Automatic Emergency Braking works on all electric Tesla without exception.

It is also difficult to say whether all available Larry in his Autopilot system included additional services (if they are in his car). On roads with a big boot and plenty of traffic all of these features is not necessary to activate.

After a series of stories about the failure of autopilot in electric Tesla Elon Musk may well consider the option of data collection on accidents prevented Autopilot, indicating the names of the drivers and confirmed by logs the event log. This information is actually bypassed a number of media publications. Usually, readers are more interested in emergency situations, disaster - but dangerous incidents ended without fatal consequences, unfortunately, are interested in a much smaller number of people.

As for the trouble they have Tesla is now enough. In respect of the start of the investigation, the Commission on the Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC). The regulator did not like the fact that after the accident, the death of the driver's electric Tesla company and its director sold shares at $ 2 billion. Conducts investigations and the National Administration of the US traffic safety. Employees want the regulator to determine the cause of the accident and make sure that incidents Tesla cars are not the result of errors made in the development of computer control systems.

Earlier Elon Musk announced that Tesla autopilot reduces the likelihood of getting into an accident car at least twice. Thus, if such a system was equipped with most cars in the world, the number of deaths as a result of accidents would be reduced by a few hundred thousand a year. This Tesla so far does not collect statistics on the prevention of accidents its autopilot. According to the mask, computer electric system often takes control of the machine itself. This helps reduce the number of accidents, but the company has not yet requested such data from its customers. The head of Tesla Motors declared that he really does not want to ask about these situations, because the client may consider such a request pressure, interference with their affairs.

It is known that by early 2016 the number of cases, when the computer Tesla took it over, up to several thousand. How many accidents and deaths avoided - is unknown. Maybe, after the letter Larry are positive stories will highlight the most press.

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