This woman weighed 141 kg, and a year later - already 57 kg. Here's how she did it!

< Justine McCabe - the heroine of this inspiring story. Women at age 31 weighed as much as 141 kg!

Her fate fell hard test: first mother died a year later her husband committed suicide. Justine found solace in overeating and rapidly gained weight, even before this was quite plump ... But then an amazing thing happened!

motivation for pohudeniyaZhenschina once and for all decided to get rid of excess weight and start a new life. Woe completely undermined her health, ruthlessly spoil the figure, she was so lonely ... Justine did not lose heart, as many have done in her place. She sat down on a very strict diet and went to the gym

motivation for has been an easy exercise:. Woman wanted to live, not to exist. Justine also dreamed of using training to defeat depression.

The pictures "before and after", which we offer to your attention also helped Justine does not stray from the right path! It published pictures of her gradual transformation in Instagram, and it became a great motivation. The girl was also supported online coach that has always been in touch.

During the year, Justine dropped 57 kg! She knew, how to motivate yourself to weight loss "I realized that if I want to go on living without her beloved husband and mother, that is to look fear in the face. All in order to live the life to which they could be proud of. ยป

This video shows how much has changed the woman's body for a year ... Impossible.

I admire people who are able to pull myself together in all circumstances. After all, no matter how difficult, there is always a way out, and the one who does not get tired to work, gets a well-deserved award! Justine history proves that man is capable of everything, it is only really want this.

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