The best exercises to train the eye muscles

Completely this set of exercises should be carried out 2 times a day - morning and evening, and the day is enough to fulfill the basic part. Be sure to perform exercises on an empty stomach, because the greater effect is achieved when the blood is "hungry."

Before the exercises quickly blink easily without squinting three seconds. Blink - relaxes the eyes. When due to fatigue eye sight deteriorates a little, then you can blink your eyes to relax, and they will see much better. Be sure to blink after each exercise!

Exercises are performed without glasses. His face still, only her eyes moving. Do exercises slowly, without pressure, in a calm pace.


1. Move the eyes up and down as much as possible. One move from left to right is considered at a time. 8-10 times.

2. Turn your eyes from left to right as much as possible. A turn to the left and to the right is counted as one time. 8-10 times.

3. Eye movements as much as possible on the diagonal. Move your eyes from the top right to the bottom left of 8-10 times. Blinked, and again in the direction of the upper-left corner to the lower right back 8-10 times.

4. Draw the eyes of the rectangle. Look in the upper left corner, then to the upper right, lower right and lower left. One rectangle is considered at a time. Blinked. And the other way. In each side 4-5 times.

5. Draw the bow. Look in the upper left corner, lower right, upper right, lower left, and again near the top left corner ... 4 - this once. Perform this exercise 4-5 times.

6. Draw a figure eight. Look in the upper-left corner, upper right, lower left, lower right, and again near the top left corner ... 4 - this once. 4-5.

7. Draw a circle eyes, face. Look at the very top, and slowly rotate your eyes clockwise. One circle - this once. Blinked. And counterclockwise. 5-8 times in each direction.


8. SNAKE. Draws 7 diagonal segments from left to right. Blinked. And then back again. Once is enough.

9. HORIZONTAL SPIRAL. Imagine in front of the beam and wound him with his finger, "wire", watching the movement of the finger, as in all exercises. You make 5 turns from left to right. Blinked, and take the right-to-left.

10. VERTICAL SPIRAL. Same as in the 9th exercise. Only vertically: coil at stomach level, at chest level of the nose, and at the last turn of the hair on the head (five total). Blinked. Done in reverse order from top to bottom.

11. SPIRAL. From the center you start to make the turns, gradually increasing their diameter. Last round should cover the entire field of view of your eyes. A total of 5 turns. Blinked. And now, on the contrary, curler, also in 5 turns.

12. equator. Draw a circle in the horizontal plane at the level of its nose. So that was the farthest point in the outstretched hand and the proximal almost touching the nose. On 8 times in one and the other side, with Morgan in the space.

13. apart of your finger. Connect the two fingers together, look at them. Now spread them about 5 centimeters, while trying to look at both eyes simultaneously. And, fixing eyes on them, move your fingers back. Delay in various positions about 1 second. It is not necessary to see both fingers clear indicator to correctly perform the exercise will be forking pictures in the background. Perform the exercise 8 times.

14. Same as in the 13th, only Move two fingers diagonally first 8 times in one diagonal. Then blinked eight times and in the other.

15. As at 13 exercise, only Move two fingers VERTICAL 8 times.

16. Draw a small circle FINGER first 8 times out, and blinked 8 times inside.

After completing the exercise make sure palming.

For clarity, an exemplary demonstration of exercises see:


Exercises of this complex is not recommended to do a lot at one time, because this can cause pain in the eyes, and in this connection cause temporary inconveniences. This will prevent the systematic execution of exercises. Exercise 4 repetition, if after 3 days the eyes will not be hurt, you can increase the number of repetitions, gradually reaching up to 10 times (it makes no sense to do more).

Who myopia greater -4 can perform no more than 3-4 repetitions of each exercise. Especially those who have microfractures of the retina, must comply with all the aforementioned warnings. And if you do surgery on the eyes, it is a set of exercises can be done only after six months! If necessary, consult with your doctor.


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