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If you love tea, this information will interest you for sure! Even the most useful varieties of green tea may harm the body and cause failures in its work, to use this drink is wrong.

< person who drinks tea , prolongs life, rejuvenates, protects itself from cancer diseases. But only if he makes it as useful as possible for a healthy way to ...

How to drink tea
  1. You can not drink very hot tea
    From suffers mucous throat, esophagus and stomach can develop abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. You can not drink hot tea with honey
    This is a fairly well-known fact, but still repeat: honey added to the boiling water, not only loses all its useful qualities, but becomes dangerous for health! When heated, the fructose contained in honey, oxidized, and this can cause tumors in the intestine and stomach.
  3. Tea with milk is less useful than no milk
    Milk reduces the number of catechins , which are contained in tea. It catechins are a powerful means of preventing the development of cancerous cells in the body.
  4. Tea with sugar does not bring the body to use
    Best of all the sugar in the tea is not added - in this case, the drink is really healing. Also not recommended to drink tea with chocolates and cookies: nutritionists insist that the tea a person eats a lot more carbohydrate foods, and often it is the cause of metabolic and weight loss
  5. Do not throw the lemon. in tea !
    It does not bear any good, and in some cases may be harmful. For example, tea with lemon is contraindicated in people with any digestive problems. It is better to do so: to drink some warm tea, then eat it with a slice of lemon and drink again. Such use of the drink will bring the greatest benefits to the body!

    Do not drink tea after drinking alcohol! This is a real test for the kidneys. Tea contains theophylline , which stimulates the production of urine by the kidneys. As a result, the kidneys may get unsplit acetaldehyde, irritatingly acting on the kidneys, in some cases, it can cause severe inflammation and disease.

    As drinking the right tea need to know everyone, because we have respected this drink - no less than the Chinese. Be sure to tell your friends about it!


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