Fitness trainer showed that weight - just a number on the scale. Compare for yourself!

The magic numbers believe too many. And some just depending on what they show, for example, scales. From this self-esteem suffers and eventually deteriorates the quality of life ... Fortunately, one Dutch decided to show that the mass of the body and beauty - is not equivalent concepts and numbers that you see on the scale tells us little about the real level of your physical training. < Website you share with her some useful observations.
Photo source: Fishki.netEta girl - a star Instagram and fitness trainer who lives and works in the Netherlands. The other day she laid side by side, two photos taken with a difference of three year.

The girl's name Yola and has 82,000 subscribers in Instagram.

Jola says: "I replayed the tape in the event your phone and found this picture." So we see two images side by side: on the left Yola three years ago when she weighed six kilos less than now. On the right picture, we see it today, in much better physical shape.

"3 years, 6 kilograms and a new bikini!»

If In 2013, Yola weighed 58 kg, and now - all 64, but looks in this case are much slimmer and fit. This is - the most obvious result of training


Yola would like to reassure all the girls, who are worried that do not lose weight, despite exercising. It increases muscle mass improves the body, but is not always reflected in the balance. Do not be afraid of them and that they will pump itself huge biceps - it is they simply do not have enough of the male hormone testosterone. So the lesson in the hall will be used for the benefit of the ladies only.

Many have seen this photo, which shows how voluminous piece of fat than muscle tissue of the same weight. This is the secret: Fit fitness woman can weigh more than a loose girl unsportsmanlike


Of course, everyone should watch your diet, and do not look for a perfect shape, if you compensate regular exercise daily eating cakes ...

Yola would very much like to motivate all women in regular exercise, and she asks them to trust in the first place the mirror. And then to pay attention to the readings of the weights.



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