5 of original ideas for decorating the walls! I was captivated number 3 ...

< Decor apartments - an exciting experience! Modern designers do not cease to delight us with interesting and yet very affordable ideas: for a penny, you can change your home beyond recognition ...

I hope you enjoy these creative ways to decorate the walls! Children's room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen - any room will be much more comfortable if you try and use their creativity. If you regularly read the «Website» , you do not hold them, so for the cause!

Meredith Makkardl known writer, unusually decorate the walls of his house . It struck the surface of the walls of the text of the first page of the book, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone».

woman wrote the text manually using the projector: it simply trace the silhouettes of the letters, which were broadcast on the wall. Cool idea!

Inline patterns today are very popular! It's inexpensive and not time-consuming way to decorate the walls.

Template for wall decor , you can choose to your taste, experiment with different colors.

Abstraction, flowers, animals - large selection of designs, and this painting does not take much time and effort
! 25065e5656.jpg


This is another superideya be honest, I liked it the most! It can be very easy to make a great picture, which ennoble the house. Use for this purpose can be a normal shower curtain!

First you need to make a wooden base, the right size.

The next step - to pull on the basis of shower curtain with an original print and secure it
. 6cd7f43865.jpg

Done! It looks fantastic, and the construction cost of miserable.

Here's how to decorate the wall with an ordinary tape! I never would have thought of this ...

Effectively looks!

It would seem that such a simple matter, but it looks very good. In addition, the strength of the tape is legendary!


Interesting idea with colored adhesive tape.

It also deserves attention: using studs and strained the strong threads can be decorated with a wall so
! a80643c769.jpg

You just have to make formatting and drive a nail into the wall.

Then just stretch the thread and attach pictures to them!

Another beautiful wall decoration technique - watercolors
. 001d3a9870.jpg

Wall cover the base coat of paint, diluted with water and then use colors for this drawing, with a special charm.

There are also wallpaper with watercolor prints, but it seems more interesting to experiment with your own picture ...

I love! And you taste it?

Let in your house is always a comfort and order! Give your friends the wonderful ideas, showing them our story.


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