5 of original ideas for decorating the walls! I was captivated number 3 ...

< Decor apartments - an exciting experience! Modern designers do not cease to delight us with interesting and yet very affordable ideas: for a penny, you can change your home beyond recognition ...

I hope you enjoy these creative ways to decorate the walls! Children's room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen - any room will be much more comfortable if you try and use their creativity. If you regularly read the «Website» , you do not hold them, so for the cause!

Meredith Makkardl known writer, unusually decorate the walls of his house . It struck the surface of the walls of the text of the first page of the book, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone».

woman wrote the text manually using the projector: it simply trace the silhouettes of the letters, which were broadcast on the wall. Cool idea!

Inline patterns today are very popular! It's inexpensive and not time-consuming way to decorate the walls.

Template for wall decor , you can choose to your taste, experiment with different colors.

Abstraction, flowers, animals - large selection of designs, and this painting does not take much time and effort

This is another superideya be honest, I liked it the most! It can be very easy to make a great picture, which ennoble the house. Use for this purpose can be a normal shower curtain!

First you need to make a wooden base, the right size.

The next step - to pull on the basis of shower curtain with an original print and secure it

Done! It looks fantastic, and the construction cost of miserable.

Here's how to decorate the wall with an ordinary tape! I never would have thought of this ...

Effectively looks!

It would seem that such a simple matter, but it looks very good. In addition, the strength of the tape is legendary!

Interesting idea with colored adhesive tape.

It also deserves attention: using studs and strained the strong threads can be decorated with a wall so

You just have to make formatting and drive a nail into the wall.

Then just stretch the thread and attach pictures to them!

Another beautiful wall decoration technique - watercolors

Wall cover the base coat of paint, diluted with water and then use colors for this drawing, with a special charm.

There are also wallpaper with watercolor prints, but it seems more interesting to experiment with your own picture ...

I love! And you taste it?

Let in your house is always a comfort and order! Give your friends the wonderful ideas, showing them our story.


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