As the Internet generation saves his parents

For our parents' health applications and services - something out of science fiction. The fact that you need to take a pill, it still resembles an alarm clock, a doctor writes a prescription on paper scraps illegible handwriting. Parents still are in the registry at seven o'clock in the morning to take the ticket to the expert. Remember as a child you do not want to go to the clinic? We are now the parents are reversed: now they are not forcibly zatyanesh the hospital. Increasingly heard "refresher", "nothing terrible"

"very soon refresher."

disappointing statistics Unfortunately, with age our parents threatened with more serious diseases. In males, after 40 years, the risk of stroke and heart attack is greatly improved, and at the age from 30 to 75 years - the stomach or lung cancer. In women over 40 increases the risk of breast cancer. After 75 years of critical increases the risk of skin cancer, as well as the lungs. Parents need to monitor the health and undergo regular check-ups by specialists.

5 services that help children to maintain the health of their parents 97,032,010 Need to find a treatment that can not afford at home . Currently available 221 hospital in 24 countries. International Support Center Bookimed patients went on to standard services digital-health - has offered to patients starting with a single click on the site, to get the support of medical coordinators at all stages of treatment abroad: the choice of doctor and hospital, before returning home. Moreover, if you need 2nd opinion the best foreign specialist or revision bill for treatment -. All this as part of the support, which can be obtained by filling out the form on the website

Doc.Doc This service will help to quickly find the desired doctor and sign up to see him within Russia. Doc. Doc worked 15 cities, saves time, and rid yourself of excess parents going to the clinic for a recording or a long search for the necessary expert.

CarePredict Tempo unique gadget monitors the health and safety of the elderly person. All thanks to sensors that measure the activity of its owner and, in the case of deviations, send notification to family members.

MediSafe and AiCure These two applications remind take medicine. In MediSafe you can choose to take the drug before or after a meal, in what dosage. The application can send alerts to a specific number, as well as export information to the attending physician. But AiCure require the owner still photo pills in the hands and in the mouth.

Cardio Journal With this application, your parents do not forget to measure the pressure and record the result. After - all data will be transformed into graphics and, if necessary, sent to the doctor in an Excel spreadsheet format

. A breakthrough in technology and medicine should not pass unnoticed by our parents, which is hard to believe in modern possibilities and begin to use them. The more often it affects their lives.



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